World Political Wall Map by Compart Maps

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7.00 pounds
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A contemporary yet classic looking political wall map of the world. This map from Compart Maps features subtle pastel hues that define each country in contrasting colors. International boundaries are clearly defined with bold colorfully shaded outlines. In classic Atlas style, this map can be used for general reference, to track current events, or as a piece of art.

Map is up-to-date as of 2015 with place name labels including: countries, major cities, national capitals, individual U.S. states, Canadian provinces, rivers, lakes, and ocean floor details. Shaded relief and ocean bathymetry detail are also featured on the map.

Along the bottom of the map are images of the major wonders of the world including a cross-reference to the location of each on the map. An aesthetically pleasing illustrated map of the world that will look great in your home, office, library, or classroom. 

Available in four sizes, and in four finishing options including plain paper, laminated, laminated with wood rails, and a new repositionable peel and stick. See below for options.