Advanced U.S. Political Spring Roller Map

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8.00 pounds
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Kappa Maps' Advanced political maps are ideal for classroom use. Comprehensive map content meets the state and national curriculum requirements for grades 6-12+. This classroom map has a markable, washable laminated surface, and is mounted on a pull-down spring roller. Ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or using the included wall mounting bracket.

Features a wealth of information including state boundaries, capitals, waterways, major cities, highways, and national parks.

The United States map depicts states in bright contrasting colors and displays all state flags.

This map is also available as part of the multi-mount combinations. Click here to see combo maps from this series.

Dimensions: 64" x 49"
  • Spring Roller Mounting - A laminated map is mounted to a heavy-duty pull-down classroom spring roller w/ metal backboard rail for hanging from hooks or included wall bracket.