Enhanced Physical World Satellite Image Map Mural - Removable Wallpaper

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A giant world map featuring stunningly detailed satellite imagery that has been enhanced with spectacular 3-D rendered topography and ocean floor bathymetry. Details pop right off the page. The large wall size map mural is available as peel & stick removable wallpaper or traditional PVC-free wallpaper.

  • Indicated on the map are: country & U.S. state boundaries outlined, all countries labeled including island nations, major cities & national capitals, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, deserts and geologic basins. Major seas, bays, and straits. Major and minor islands.
  • Ocean floor features indicated are: fracture zones, ridges, basins and trenches.
  • Peel & Stick adhesive-backed fabric can be removed and re-used multiple times without leaving residue or losing adhesion.
  • Great for rental houses & apartments. Resists wrinkles, bubbling, shrinking, and tears. Simply peel, place, & stick!
  • Install it for short term use or leave it up for decades.

This detailed satellite image map of the world combines high resolution NASA satellite imagery, visually stunning 3-D rendered shaded relief, and ocean floor bathymetry resulting in a dramatic geographic presentation. Easily identify areas of rain forests, deserts, major glaciers, and mountain ranges. The map features detailed political data updated for 2020 along with thousands of place name labels identifying cultural and physical features.

The map is derived from a composite of true-color satellite imagery with a spatial resolution of 500 meters. A multitude of data from different sources were combined to produce this unique view of the Earth including: land imagery based on NASA's MODIS instrumentation (August), and ocean bathymetric information from GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans). Shaded relief is based on NASA SRTM elevation terrain data.

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