Historic Map - Atlantic City, NJ - 1910

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Aero view of Atlantic City, New Jersey 1910.

This reproduction aero-view map of Atlantic City, New Jersey was published by Hughes & Bailey in 1909. New Jersey's resort community of Atlantic City was the vision of Absecon resident Dr. Jonathan Pitney, who saw great potential in nearby Absecon Island. Transportation to the island was difficult with its surrounding marshlands so Pitney, along with civil engineer Richard Osborne, worked to bring the railroad to the isle. The two developed the new community of Atlantic City and quickly plotted the acquired land. Streets that ran parallel to the ocean were named after the world's great bodies of water, while streets that ran east and west were named for states. Fancy resort hotels of mammoth size, as well as smaller apartment and rooming houses flourished throughout Atlantic City in the early 1900's. The resort hotels were considered luxurious with up-to-date amenities. This map shows Atlantic City twenty five years before its streets would become immortalized in the Depression Era's "Monopoly" game.

This bird's-eye view map from the early 1900's shows Atlantic City's buildings, beaches, piers, railroad routes and clearly labeled streets.

Features references to the following locations:

City Hall, cor. Atlantic and Tennessee Aves.
U. S. Post Office, cor. Pacific and Pennsylvania Aves.
Absecon Light House, Pacific, Vermont and Rhode Island Aves.
Free Public Library, cor. Illinois and Pacific Aves.
Atlantic City High School, cor. Pacific and Ohio Aves.
Municipal Hospital, Virginia, Maryland and Adriatic Aves.
Pennsylvania R. R. Station, South Carolina between Atlantic and Arctic Aves.
Philadelphia & Reading R. R. Station, Atlantic, Arkansas and Missouri Aves.
Bartlett Building, cor. Atlantic and North Carolina Aves.
Presston Building, cor. Atlantic and Pennsylvania Aves.

Marlborough-Blenheim, Boardwalk and Ohio Ave.
Traymore, Boardwalk and Illinois Ave.
Chalfonte, Boardwalk and North Carolina Ave.
Hadden Hall, Boardwalk and North Carolina Ave.
Seaside House, Boardwalk and Pennsylvania Ave.
St. Charles, Boardwalk and St. Charles Place
Dennis, Boardwalk and Michigan Ave.
Young's, Boardwalk and Tennessee Ave.
Shelburne, Boardwalk and Michigan Ave.
Brighton Hotel and Casino, Boardwalk and Indiana Ave.
Chelsea, Boardwalk, Brighton and Morris Aves.
Islesworth, Boardwalk and Virginia Ave.
Galen Hall, Pacific and Connecticut Aves.
Royal Palace and Casino, Boardwalk and Pacific Ave.
Rudolf, Boardwalk and New Jersey Ave.
Windsor, Illinois Ave. near Boardwalk
Strand, Boardwalk and Pennsylvania Ave.

C. J. Adams & Co., Real Estate and Insurance, Real Estate and Law Building, Rooms 2, 4, 6 and 8
Albertson & Young Co., Steam and Hot Water Heating, Plumbing, Metal Work and Stoves. Electrical Contractor, Hardware, 2025 Atlantic Ave.
H. S. Anderson, House, Yacht & Sign Painter, Hard Wood Renovated and Glazing, 513 Artic Ave.
Atlantic City National Bank, Chas. Graves, Pres., cor. Pennsylvania and Atlantic Aves.
Atlantic Realty Co., Real Estate in all its Branches, Bartlett Building, Ground Floor
Atlantic City Sewerage Co., A. M. Jordan, Pres., Bartlett Building
Edward L. Bader, Builder and General Contractor, 167 Ocean Ave.
R. Balestrieri & Co., Contractors for Cut Stone and Masonry of Every Description, Yard, Baltic and Mississippi Aves., Residence, 37 N. Connecticut Ave.
Bennett & Morgenweck, Real Estate and Investments, Real Estate Appraisers, Insurance and Mortgages, 1003 Pacific Ave.
Buckeye Laundry Co., 221, 223, 225 and 227 N. Vermont Ave.
Bureau of Publicity, cor. Pacific and Tennessee Aves.
R. T. Chapman, Jeweler and Optician, Stationer and Bookseller, 1829-31 Atlantic Ave.
Chelsea Livery & Boarding Stable, Also Contracting, W. B. Thompson, Prop., 22, 24, 26 N. California Ave.
F. J. Clark & Co., Furniture, Carpets and General House Furnishers, 2320-22 Atlantic Ave.
Augustus Cramer, General Contractor and Builder, 11 States Ave.
Thomas S. Crane, Fine Painting, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc., 115 N. Massachusetts Ave.
Currie Co., Hardware, Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fixtures, Tin Roofing, Cornices and Skylights, Stoves and Ranges, 1218 Atlantic Ave.
Frank M. Cunningham, Contractor and Builder, 1506 Pacific Ave.
E. H. Cuthbert & Co., Real Estate Brokers, Trading a Specialty, Boardwalk and Pennsylvania Ave.; N. Y. Office, 25 Pine St.
Rudolph A. Czerwinski, Rolling Chair Factory and Standard Carpet Cleaning Works, 27 S. Bellevue Ave.
Daily Press and Evening News, Presston Building, cor. Atlantic and Pennsylvania Aves.
Seward G. Dobbins, Architect, 613 Bartlett Bldg.
Eastern Fire Insurance Co., George H. Bates, Bartlett Building
Eureka Bottling Co., Lewis Barber, Gen. Mgr.
John T. French, Leading Paint and Oil House of Atlantic City. Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass and Painters' Supplies, 2202 Atlantic Ave.
French Shop, David Cohen, Prop., Boardwalk and Kentucky Ave.
C. Stanley French, Lumber and Mill Work, 415 N. Massachusetts Ave.
M. Friedeberg, Leading Jeweler and Optician of Atlantic City. Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry, 1516 Atlantic Ave.
Garrison Coal, Lime and Cement Co., Coal, Wood, Lime and Cement, Plaster and Mortar, California Ave., between Arctic and Baltic Aves., Branch Yard, New Jersey, below Baltic Ave.
V. B. Giffin & Son, Hardware, Plumbing, Tin Roofing, Gas Fixtures, House Furnishing Goods, Builders' Supplies, Tools and Cutlery, 1518 Atlantic Ave.
William Gordon, Meats and Provisions, 1214 Atlantic Ave.
Oliver H. Guttridge, Paper Hanging, House Painting, Hardware, House Furnishing, Plumbing and Roofing, 1326 Atlantic Ave.
L. M. Hall, Hardware and Housefurnishing, 3005 Atlantic Ave.
Lewis W. Hall, Bicycles, 1925 Atlantic Ave.
Hampton Bros., Contractors and Builders, cor. Bartram and Atlantic Aves.
H. G. Harris & Co., Real Estate and Surveying, First Floor, Bartlett Bldg.
Samuel H. Headley, Contractor and Builder, 349 Bartlett Bldg., Res. 334 N. Massachusetts Ave.
Hill Dredging Co., 2902 Pacific Ave.
Hotel Allen, Benjamin Allen, Prop., First Class Cafe, Artic and Kentucky Aves.
Hotel Clabby, John J. Christy, Prop., Tennessee and Atlantic Aves.
Hotel Scott, Harry S. Scott, Prop., 15 and 17 N. Illinois Ave.
Bertram Ireland, Architect and Structural Engineer, 650 Bartlett Building
Jackson's Transfer, R. Jackson, Prop., Moving in City or Country with Padded Vans. Fully Equipped for Hauling Scenery, 37 N. Arkansas Ave.
Johnston & Corrigan, Home Dressed Beef a Specialty, Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs and Fruit, 1013 Atlantic Ave.
Kessler's Atlantic Market, Gustav Kessler, Prop., Meats and Provisions, Poultry and Produce, 1913 Atlantic Ave.
W. B. Klein, Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance, Sales & Exchange a Specialty, Union National Bank Bldg., Room 8
The Latimer, Awning Maker and Canvas Roofer of Atlantic City, 713 Atlantic Ave.
Horace M. Leeds, Contractor, 4 S. Montpelier Ave.
Sylvester Leeds Co., Hardware, Paints, Oils and Varnishes, House Furnishings, 1723-27 Atlantic Ave.
William Lewis Co., Feed and Coal, 620 Baltic Ave.
The Linerd, Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance Co., 3102 Atlantic Ave.
E. N. Manning, Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance. Commissioners of Deeds, Northeast cor. Morris and Atlantic Aves., Chelsea
Miss L. H. Marvel, Stenography and Typewriting, Commissioner of Deeds, Notary Public, Convention and Law Reporting, Room 11, Real Estate and Law Building and Marlborough-Blenheim
Marine Trust Co., Louis Kuehule, res., cor. Atlantic and New York Ave.
J. Vaughan Mathis, Architect, 606-7-8 Bartlett Building
J. Mathis & Son, Contractors and Builders, 606, 607, 608 Bartlett Building
Rev. J. B. McCloskey, R. C. Church of the Holy Spirit, New Jersey and Oriental Aves.
Frank Middleton, Surveyor and Conveyancer, Notary Public, Commissioner of Deeds, Bartlett Building
Fletcher Mitchell & Co., Inc., Groceries and Meats, Northwest cor. Morris and Atlantic Aves., Wm. H. McFarbank, Mgr.
John H. Moore, Plumbing and Heating, 1503 Atlantic Ave.
Mount Calvary Cemetery Association, Albert C. Stephany, Sec., Room 506-7 Bartlett Bldg.
The New Jersey Stone Co., Contractors for Cut Stone and All Kinds of Masonry Work, Yard, Michigan Ave. above Baltic Ave., H. F. Riley, Mgr., Res. 120 S. Connecticut Ave.
Norwood's Machine Shop, W. E. Norwood, Prop. All Kinds of Machine Work, Engines and Reverses, Supplies, etc., 425 N. Massachusetts Ave.
James J. O'Keefe, Ceramic and Marble, Mosaic Fire Place Furnishings, Marble and Slate, Gas Grates and Gas Logs, Hardwood Mantels, Coal Grates, Iowa and Atlantic Ave.
Parsons & Tilton, Contractors and Builders, 501 Bartlett Building
Peoples' Garage, Samuel T. Zelley, Prop. Limousine and Touring Cars to Hire, Theatre Parties, Call and Return, Automobiles Stored and to Hire by Hour, Day, Week or Month, 2719-21 Atlantic Ave.
The A. H. Phillips Co., Insurance and Real Estate, Bartlett Building
Petroff & Emley, Hotels, Cottages, Building Lots, Mortgages and Insurance, 3100 Atlantic Ave. cor. Chelsea Ave.
Wm. Riddle, Councilman, 101 S. Albany Ave.
Wm. F. Ridgway, M. D., Physician, 1200 Pacific Ave. cor. North Carolina Ave.
C. H. Rogers, Real Estate and Insurance. Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, 133 North Massachusetts Ave.
George P. Rogers, Real Estate Broker, 935 Boardwalk cor. Virginia Ave.
Sea Shore & Husted Express and Storage Warehouse Co., Erection of Iron Work, Light and Heavy Hauling, Storage for Furniture, 2126 Atlantic Ave.
Sefton Park Cemetery, Located at Absecon City, N. J. Atlantic City Office, cor. Florida and Atlantic Aves., Branch Office at Absecon, N. J.
D. L. Sharrock, House and Sign Painter, 27 Sovereign Ave.
W. P. Sinkinson, Hay, Straw and Grain, 8 North Indiana Ave.
Smith's Baths. All Modern Improvements, Fresh Water Shower Baths, Established 1880, 1239 Boardwalk.
Edwin Smith, Imported and Domestic Cements, Baltic and Tennessee Aves.
Somers Lumber Co., Lumber and Mill Work and Builders' Hardware, Missouri Ave. above Baltic Ave.
Speidel's Hotel, Chas. M. Speidel, Prop., cor. Atlantic and Missouri Aves. opp. Reading R. R. Depot
South Jersey Title & Finance Co., Second National Bank Building, N. Y. and Atlantic Aves.
H. A. Stout, Architect, Bartlett Building
Stephany & Co., Insurance, Fire, Life, Accident, etc., 506-7-8 Bartlett Building and Egg Harbor, N. J.
C. S. Thompson, Plumbing, Tinning, Heating, 2929 Atlantic Ave.
J. B. Thompson, Prop., Hotel Chelsea. Boardwalk. Brighton and Morris Aves.
Thompson & Stiles, Contractors and Builders, 419 Bartlett Bldg.
W. B. Thompson, Funeral Director, 2925 Atlantic Ave.
A. Van Note, Sheet Metal Worker, Gasoline Tanks, Boat Pumps, Valves, Plungers, etc., 232 N. Massachusetts Ave.
Stanley C. Vansant, Yacht and Launch Builder, Yard, 405 Mediterranean Ave.
S. Hudson Vaughn, Architect, Bartlett Bldg.
West Jersey Title & Guaranty Co., Carlton Godfrey, Pres., Bartlett Building.
West Side Lumber Co., Building Lumber and Mill Work, 301 N. Ohio Ave. F. T. Moore, Pres. S. C. Clark, Sec and Treas.
Wyld & Nicholson, Real Estate and Insurance, Mortgage Loans, 2823 Atlantic Ave.
Young's Million Dollar Pier. Capt. Young, Boardwalk opp. Missouri and Arkansas Aves.


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