Historic Map - Atlantic City, NJ - 1900

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Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This reproduction panoramic view of Atlantic City, New Jersey was published by Landis & Alsop in 1900. The Atlantic Ocean resort community of Atlantic City referred to itself as "The Showplace of the Nation" in 1900 with its new Steel Pier. A public library was opened that year and trolley service was extended out to nearby Ventnor. Fancy hotels of massive size, as well as smaller rooming houses, were flourishing throughout Atlantic City including the famous Traymore and the impressive United States Hotel, which took up an entire block between Atlantic, Pacific, Maryland and Delaware Avenues. The resort hotels included luxurious atmospheres with up-to-date amenities.

This bird's-eye view map from 1900 shows Atlantic City's buildings, railroad routes and clearly labeled streets.

Features inset illustrations of the following locations:

Hotel Islesworth, Hale & Scull, Managers, Beach and Virginia Avenues.
Ventnor, Atlantic City, Ventnor Dredging Co., 1216 Atlantic Avenue.
"I'll Love but Thee", Words and Music by Charles F. Alsop, published by Alsop Publishing Co., 294 Roseville Ave., Newark, N. J.
Young's Ocean Pier.
The Atlantic City Laundry Co.
Auditorium Pier.
Bleak House, Geo. H. Coryell, Boardwalk and Ocean Avenue.
Dentzell's Carousel, States Avenue and Beach.
Atlantic City Gas and Water Co.
S. B. Rose & Co., Paving Contractors, Baltic and Indiana Avenues.
Hotel Central, Tennessee Avenue near Atlantic.
The S. E. Crowley Co., Real Estate, 1133 Atlantic Avenue.
Hotel Roanoke, N. Dieling, 23 & 25 New York Avenue.
Enos E. Ware, Thoroughbred, Jersey and Alderney Dairies, from registered stock, 2009 Arctic Avenue.
The Extra Dry, Viola McCormick, 1114 Atlantic Avenue.
Belmont, E. S. Watson, Manager, open all the year, South Virginia Avenue.
Brigantine, N. J., Brigantine Land Company, Law Building, Atlantic City.
Wiltshire, S. S. Phoebus, South Virginia Avenue.
Rochford Apartments and Flats, all over Absecon Island, The States,
The Rochford, Le Grande, J. J. Rochford, Pacific and Kentucky Avenues.
Hotel Dennis, Beach and Michigan Avenue.
The Iroquois, W. F. Shaw, South Carolina Avenue.
Somers Lumber Co., Dealers in Lumber and Millwork, Mill and Yard, Samuel Somers, President, Hubert Somers, Secretary, Warren Somers, Treasurer and Manager.
Fitzgerald's Auditorium and Cafe, 30 and 32 North Kentucky Avenue.
Chas. C. Wellman, Beach and Chelsea Avenues.
La Plaza, C. R. Kohl, 2117 Pacific Avenue.
Daily and Weekly "Atlantic Review", John G. Shreve, Proprietor & Editor, 906 Atlantic Ave.
The Rudolf, C. R. Meyers, Beach and New Jersey Avenue.
Charles Roesch & Sons, Central Market, Atlantic and Maryland Avenues.
Hotel Majestic, Osborne & Painter, Virginia Avenue.
Willmell, Wm. G. Monaghan, 21 Vermont Avenue.
Channell Bros., New Jersey Avenue and Beach.
J. Summerill Smith Lumber and Mill Work, Mediterranean and Ohio Avenues.
Atlantic City Lumber Co., Illinois Avenue.

Features references to the following locations:

Atlantic City's leading professional and business people of 1900:

Academy of Music, Fralinger, Boardwalk and New York Ave.
American Amusement Co., W. B. Robinson, cor. Massachusetts Ave. and Boardwalk.
Auditorium Pier, Dowdy, Boardwalk and Pennsylvania Ave.
Dentzell's Carousel, G. A. Dentzell, States Ave. and Beach.
Japanese Garden, Boardwalk and Connecticut Ave.
Steel Pier, Boardwalk and Virginia Ave.

G. A. Bourgeois, 28 Law Building, #58.
Eli H. Chandler, 25 and 27 Law Building, #58.
W. M. Clevenger, 40 Law Building, #58.
A. B. Endicott, Union Bank Building, Atlantic Ave., #62.
Wm. I. Garrison, Union Bank Building, Room 10, #62.
G. T. Ingham, 38 Law Building, #58.
Louis A. Repetto, Law Building, Atlantic Ave., #58.
A. Stephany, 17 and 19 Law Building, #58.

B. Frank Harris, 16 and 18 N. Presbyterian Ave.

Chas. Roesch & Sons, Central Market, cor. Atlantic and Maryland Aves., Slaughtering Department, Stock Yards and Abattoirs, West Philadelphia, Refrigerating Salesrooms, 834-838 N. Second St., Philadelphia, Packing House, 837-839 American St., Philadelphia, #1.

Auditorium Cafe, B. G. Fitzgerald, 30-32 N. Kentucky Ave., #2.
Extra Dry, Viola McCormick, 1114 Atlantic Ave., #3.

S. B. Rose, Baltic and Indiana Aves., #4.

Roland Conrow, Atlantic City, #11.
G. W. Jackson, Atlantic City, #22.
C. R. Kohl, 2117 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, #23.
C. B. Prettyman, Philadelphia, #30.
S. S. Shinn, 7 and 9 Law Building, Atlantic City, # 58.

James North, M. D., D. D. S., 29 South Tennessee Ave., between Atlantic and Pacific, #69.

Milton L. Munson, Homeopathic, 1503 Pacific Ave., #70.
M. W. Pressly, Osteopathic, 117 Virginia Ave., #68.
O. J. Snyder, Osteopathic, 117 Virginia Ave., #68.

Michigan Ave., above Atlantic, Savery Bradley, President, Thomas K. Reed, Vice-President, J. P. Tompkins, Secretary and Manager, #5.

Albemarle, J. P. Cope, Virginia Ave. and Pacific, #6.
Belmont, E. S. Watson, Mgr., South Virginia Ave., #7.
Bleak House, Geo. H. Coryell, Boardwalk and Ocean Ave., #8.
Brighton, Hemsley, Beach and Indiana Ave., #9.
Canfield, F. A. Canfield, 109 South Virginia Ave., #10.
Conrow Apartment House, 171 States Ave., #11.
The Dennis, Joseph H. Borton, Beach and Michigan Ave., #12.
Fredonia, Carmany, South Tennessee, #13.
Glendale, Mrs. Burch, St. James Pl., #14.
Grand Central Hotel, Frederick R. Bly, Proprietor, Tennessee Ave. near Atlantic, #15.
Hotel Johnson, Howard E. Sweeting, 1928 Atlantic Ave., #16.
Hotel Luray, J. W. White & Son, directly on the Beach, #17.
Hotel Strand, Fairbairn & Williams, Virginia Ave., #18.
The Inlet Hotel, Geo. H. Bates, Mgr., Inlet, #19.
Iroquois, W. F. Shaw, South Carolina Ave., #20.
The Islesworth, Hale & Scull, Mgrs., Beach and Virginia Ave., #21.
The Jackson, G. W. Jackson, Beach and Virginia Ave., #22.
La Plaza Inn, C. R. Kohl, 2117 Pacific Ave., #23.
La Grande, J. J. Rochford, Pacific and Kentucky Ave., #24.
Majestic, Osborne & Painter, Virginia Ave., #25.
The New Strand, Fairbairn & Williams, Pennsylvania Ave. and Beach, #26.
Oriental, Roland Conrow, Beach and S. Vermont Ave., #27.
The Osborne House, Mrs. Osborne, Pacific Ave. and Arkansas, #28.
Pembroke, G. W. Jackson, N. Carolina, near Pacific, #29.
Pierrepont, Channell Bros., New Jersey Ave. and Beach.
Royal Palace, C. B. Prettyman, Main and Pacific Ave., #30.
Rio Grande, Fitzpatrick, New York Ave., #31.
Roanoke, N. Dieling, 23 and 25 S. New York Ave., #32.
Rochford Apartments, J. J. Rochford, Pacific and Kentucky Ave., #33.
The Rudolf, C. R. Meyers, Beach and New Jersey, #34.
The Shelburne, Ramsey, Beach and S. Michigan Ave., #35.
The Stanley, F. L. Lipton, S. South Carolina Ave., #36.
The States, J. J. Rochford, States Ave. and Atlantic, #37.
Traymore, D. S. White Jr., Beach and Illinois, #38.
Turner Hall, N. Dieling, 16 S. New York Ave., #39.
Wellman, Chas. C. Wellman, Beach and Chelsea Ave., #40.
Wilkshire, S. S. Phoebus, S. Virginia Ave., #41.
Willmell, Wm. G. Monaghan, 21 Vermont Ave., #42.
Woolton Hall, Roland Conrow, Beach and Vermont Ave., #43.

Atlantic City Laundry Co., J. M. Lee, President, C. L. Cole, Treasurer, Walter K. Cavileer, Secretary, #44.
Buckeye Laundry, 221-227 N. Vermont Ave., L. G. Graff Jr., President, #45.
Nonpariel Laundry, 1719 Atlantic Ave., James Farley, #46.

Benj. F. Leeds, California Ave., above Atlantic, #47.

Atlantic City Lumber Co., Salmon, Mgr.,22 North Illinois Ave., #48.
J. Somerill Lumber Yards, Mediterranean and Ohio Ave., #49.
Somers Lumber Co., Office, Arctic and Missouri Ave., Yards, Missouri, Mississippi and Georgia Aves., above Baltic, Mill, Missouri Ave., above Baltic, Samuel Somers, President, Warren Somers, Treasurer and Manager, Hubert Somers, Secretary, #50.

N. H. Jones, 1315 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia.
Enos Ware, 2009 Arctic Ave., Thoroughbred, Alderney and Jersey Dairies, #51.

Nassam Bros., 1212 Atlantic Ave., dealers in choice fruits, nuts and confectionery. Olives and olive oil a specialty, #52.

Atlantic City Daily Press, W. E. Edge, Editor, 1309 Atlantic Ave., #53.
Daily Review, John G. Shreve, Proprietor and Editor, 906 Atlantic Ave., #54.
Daily Union, J. F. Hall, Proprietor and Editor, 1632 Atlantic Ave., #55.
The Sunday Gazette, Wm. McLaughlin, Proprietor and Editor, 1208 Atlantic Ave., #56.

Barber & Jennings, 1125 Atlantic Ave., Branch Office, Girard Building, Philadelphia, #57.
Brigantine Land Co., Law Building, Atlantic City, #58.
Campbell & Co., 1803 Atlantic Ave., #71.
J. P. Cramer & Co., 1328 Atlantic Ave., #59.
The S. E. Crowley Co., 1133 Atlantic Ave., #60.
Devine & Wootton, Conveyance, Law Building, Atlantic Ave., #58.
J. B. Fowler, 1208 Atlantic Ave. Money to loan at 5 percent, #56.
Wm. McLaughlin, 1208 Atlantic Ave., #56.
The A. H. Phillips Co., 1315 Atlantic Ave., #61.
S. E. Reily & Co., Union Bank Building, #62.
Risley & Cavileer, 1311 Atlantic Ave., #63.
C. C. Shinn, 7 and 9 Law Building, #58.
Somers, Doughty, 1123 Atlantic Ave., #63.
Ventnor Dredging Co. of Atlantic City, 1216 Atlantic Ave., #64.
Warner, Allen & Co., 4 States Ave., #11.
F. W. Wyld, 1900 Atlantic Ave., #65.

Tapper & Sapiro, 1732 Atlantic Ave. Workmanship, style and fit guaranteed, #66.


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