Historic Map - Baltimore, MD - 1869

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View of Baltimore, M.D., 1869 / drawn & published by E. Sachse.

This bird’s-eye view print of Baltimore, Maryland was drawn and published by E. Sachse & Co. in 1870. Baltimore was established in the early 1700's as a shipping port for the tobacco trade. It was the site of a number of important battles during the War of 1812, including the invasion at Fort McHenry, which inspired lawyer Francis Scott Key to pen the poem that would later become the national anthem. The many war, and other monuments, gave John Quincy Adams cause to call Baltimore “The Monumental City”, which became its nickname.

A dispute between citizens and bankers caused riots and skirmishes, and stalled business for some time in 1835. Baltimore’s economy was maintained mainly with the transportation of the area’s tobacco and cotton, as well as a variety of manufactures. The National Road and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad extended to the northwest through the Patapsco River Valley. Baltimore’s port at the mouth of the river maintained easy access to Chesapeake Bay and points beyond.

In 1851, Baltimore separated itself from Baltimore County and became an independent city. Baltimore’s sympathies remained with the Confederacy during the nation’s civil uprising of the 1860's, although Maryland was held back from seceding under federal order. This led to much tension until the end of the war.

The map includes streets, waterways, buildings, bridges and railroad routes. There are featured inset illustrations of the following:

  • Thos. Beck’s Lager Beer Brewery, W. Baltimore St. and Calverton Rd.
  • Jacob Seeger’s Lager Beer Brewery, Pratt St. and Frederick Rd.
  • Odenwald & Joh’s Lager Beer Brewery, 7 Calverton Rd
  • Aug. Beck’s Lager Beer Brewery, Garrison Ln. and Frederick Rd.
  • Math. Brandall’s Mount Pleassant Lager Beer Brewery, Garrison Ln. and Frederick Rd.
  • P. Baier’s Lager Beer Brewery, Trappe Rd. and 2nd Ave., Canton.
  • V. Grimmer’s Lager Beer Brewery, Lancaster and third Sts., Canton.
  • F. Schneider, Lager Beer Brewery, 3rd and Dillon St., Canton.
  • John F. Wiessner, Lager Beer Brewery, Highland and 2nd Aves., Canton.
  • John Bauernschmidt’s Lager Beer Brewery, foot of Ridgely St.
  • F. Altevogt, Third Avenue and Trappe Rd.
  • F. K. Roeger Mercantile, 75 Columbia St.
  • H. Stein’s Wine & Liquor Store, 206 Hollins St.
  • J. Sommerfeld Wines & Liquors, 216 North Gay St.
  • Fred’k Wiesner’s Lager Beer Brewery, Bel Air Ave.
  • George Bauernschmidt’s Greenwood Park & Lager Beer Brewery, Bel Air Ave.
  • Lewis Muth, Lager Beer Brewery, Bel Air Ave.
  • W. Auer’s Lager Beer Brewery, Frederick Rd.
  • Seeger & Stiefel’s Lager Beer Brewery, Carrollton.
  • Christopher Lipps, Calverton Soap & Candle Works, 18 and 20 Calverton Rd.
  • Camden Station, B. & O. R. R.
  • Wm. Wilkens & Co., Steam Curled Hair & Bristle Manufacturers, Frederick Rd.
  • Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore R. R. Depot.
  • Baltimore Sun. Sun Iron Building.
  • Office of the American, 128 W. Baltimore St.
  • Baltimore Gazette, 134 W. Baltimore St.
  • Sunday Telegram, 122 W. Baltimore St.
  • German Correspondent. Correspondent Halls, Baltimore and P. O. Ave.
  • Baltimoer Wecker, German News Paper, W. Baltimore St.
  • Catholische Volks- Zeitung, Baltimre and Gay Sts.
  • Office of the Statesman. Brown’s Building, 162 W. Baltimore St.
  • German Pharmacy, Charles E. Brack, Proprietor.
  • Mechanics’ Hall, 152 W. Fayette St.
  • Gilmor House. Battle Monument. Monument Square.
  • Guy’s Monument House, Calvert and Fayette Sts.
  • Bay View Asylum.
  • New City Hall now in course of construction.
  • U. S. Post Office & Custom House.
  • Baltimore Female College. N. C. Brooks, President.
  • Maryland Institute.
  • Hat Store, Baltimore and Holliday Sts.
  • R. Walter & Co., Wholesale Clothiers, Baltimore and Howard Sts.
  • Tobacco Store, 11 S. Frederick St.
  • Hospital for Israelites, Monument St.
  • Washington Monument, Mount Vernon Place.
  • Druid Hill Park. Swan Lake. Mansion House.
  • Northern Central Property & Elevator, J. N. Gardner & Co., Bond Street.
  • Calvert Station. Northern Central Railway, Franklin and Calvert Sts.
  • Gail & Ax’s Tobacco Works, 28 Barre St.
  • W. Spielmeier, Saloon, Bond St.
  • John Barth’s Ornamental Marbleworks, Bel Air Ave.
  • L. Lachenmayer’s Marble Works, Bel Air Ave.
  • Hill Building Law & Real Estate Offices of Baer & McGlone, O. R. Benson, J. Harry Bryan, O. F. Bump, Geo. W. Davis, William Dawson, Edw. Duffy, L. Hennighausen, Wm. B. Hill, Wm. B. Hill, Thomas Hill, Geo. G. Hooper, S. H. Hooper & Co., H. V. D. Johns, F. X. Kelly, Magruder & Baker, J. Howard McHenry, Wm. M. Merrick, P. McLaughlin, A. B. Neilson, W. J. O’Brien, H. D. J. Sitler, Geo. Warner, Jr., J. M. Walker.
  • East Baltimore Iron Foundry, A. Weiskittel, 304, 306 and 308 Alice Ann St.
  • Baltimore Steam Boiler Works, C. W. Bently, Front St.
  • Lazaretto Furnace, Stickney & Co. Charcoal Pig Iron.
  • Maryland Fuel Company, J. H. Johnson, 9 South St.
  • Pearl Hominy Co., North and Belvidere St.
  • Winter & Green, near Falls Rd.
  • Hoffmann’s Brewery, Falls Rd.
  • Frederick Weber’s Lager Beer Brewery, Harford Rd.
  • Geo. Pabst’s Lager Beer Brewery, Second and O’Donnel Sts,. Canton.
  • South Side Basin. People’s Machine & Boiler Works. James Clark & Co.
  • J. D. Mason & Co., Patent Steam Bakery, 114 W. Pratt St.
  • Hugh Bolton & Co., Glass, Oil, Paints, etc.
  • James Beatty & Co., Steam Bakery, 92-98 Dugans Whf.
  • Shaw’s Cottage Saloon, 11 N. High St.
  • S. S. Stevens & Son, Furniture Works, 6 Low St.
  • Daniel McKuhn’s Livery & Hiring Stables, 21, 23 and 24 Temple St.
  • Allen & Upton Steam Furniture Works. Taylor & Coleman, 13 and 15 Granby St.
  • John T. Fardy, Northern Railway & Shipyard, Hughes and Covington St.
  • Wm. Numsen & Sons, Oyster & Fruit Packing Establishment, Jackson St.
  • Wm. Knabe & Co., Piano Factory, West and Eutaw Sts.
  • Garhle’s Piano Manufacturing Company, Fayette and N. Eutaw St.
  • Wm. H. Roberts, Grain & Feed, 172 Forrest St.
  • Charles Rinehart, Packer of Hay & Straw, Eager and McKimm St.
  • Chas. Peagh, Builder, 71-73 Greenmount Ave.
  • J. M. Miller’s Lager Beer Brewery, 394 Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Western Bowling Saloon, Johnson’s Livery, Sale, Hiring & Exchange Stables, 403-413 W. Baltimore St.
  • Miller’s Hotel, Paca and German Sts.
  • Newton Academy, 798 W. Baltimore St.
  • Reese & Brothers, Tea Dealers & Grocers, 207-209 W. Pratt St.
  • Burrough Brothers, Drugs, 54-56 Light St.
  • W. T. Walters & Co., Wines & Liquors, 68 Exchange Place.
  • R. P. Bayley & Co., Boyd, Pearke & Co., Hanover St.
  • R. J. Baker, Dye Woods, Baker Brothers Co., Glassware, 32-34 S. Charles St.
  • L. Dietz & Co., Fancy Furnishing Goods, 308-310 W. Baltimore St.
  • Alberti, Brink & Co., 348 W. Baltimore St.
  • The Practical Business College for Young Men, Baltimore and Charles Sts.
  • Eutaw House, Jas. D. Gillmour & Son, Baltimore and Eutaw Sts.
  • Bryant, Stratton & Sadlers, Baltimore College, 8 N. Charles St.
  • Monumental Iron Co., Charles and Camden Sts.
  • Marble Works, North and Monumental Sts.
  • John G. McCullough’s Lumber & Coal Yard, Pratt and Fremont Sts.
  • Linden Livery Stables, Keen & Walker, Garden St.
  • Washington Hotel, G. W. Schmidt, Eutaw and Camden St.
  • Oyster Packing House, Howard and York Sts.
  • Ehrmann & Bersch, L. F. Grutter Co., Howard and Henrietta Sts.
  • Friedberger & Sons, Livery, Hiring & Sale Stables, 47 S. Paca St.
  • Edwards & Co., Melodian Manufacturers, Emory St.
  • Otis Keilholtz, Paints, Oils & Glass, Franklin and Greene St.
  • Tilghman & Drakeley, Hermetically Sealed Oysters, Vegetables & Meats, Greene and Raborg St.
  • J. A. Thomas & Co., Oyster & Fruit Packers, 249 Lexington St.
  • M. O’Neill’s Livery Stable, 4-8 Orchard St.
  • Central Avenue Warehouse, Central Ave. and Fawn St.
  • Monumental Bakery, R. Mason & Son, President and Stiles St.
  • Jos. C. Merritt & Bros., Maryland Coal Oil Works, 125-127 Eastern Eve.
  • Miller, Schoenberg & Co., Oyster Packers, east end of Thames St.
  • V. Miller’s Lager Beer Brewery, Burke St., Canton.
  • Merritt, Poultney & Co., Canton Oil Works, 56 Exchange Place.
  • Jackson & Nelson, Chesapeake Oil Works, Lombard St., Canton.
  • Lazaretto Furnace, Stickney & Co., Charcoal Pig Iron.
  • Maryland White Lead Company, Locust Point.
  • Kinnier’s Stables, 28-32 N. High St.
  • Brehm’s Brewery, Bel Air Rd.
  • E. D. Onion, Coal Yard, Monument St. and Harford Ave.
  • Erich’s Patent Pumps, Swan Alley.
  • W. H. Miller & Bro., Iron Foundry, Fawn and President St.
  • T. Shanks Co., Geo. L. Milliman Co., Sharp and Lombard St.
  • F. W. Flinspach, Tanner & Currier, 118 Fremont St.
  • Frederick Oehm, Merchant Tailor, 243 W. Pratt St.
  • Chas. N. Oehm & Bro., Clothing House, 150 Light Street Wharf.
  • Masonic Hall.
  • Winans Depots.
  • Edwin Bennet, China & Queensware, Canton and Central Ave.
  • Mann’s Park Stables, 167 N. Howard St.
  • Avalon Nail & Iron Works, H. L. Brooke & Co.
  • Miller’s Patent Bank Safes, Fremont and Henrietta Sts.
  • Henry Miller, Boots & Shoes, 816 W. Baltimore St.
  • W. Heinekamp, Piano Manufacturer, 511 W. Baltimore St.
  • Henry C. Brown & Co., E. A. Wolf, Glasscutter, Thomas Stow & Sons, Saw Mill, Hamilton Auctioneer, E. H. Whitney, Machinist, Uhler’s Alley.
  • C. S. Maltby, Oyster & Fruit Packer, foot of W. Falls Ave.
  • Von der Horst’s Lager Beer Brewery, Bel Air Rd.
  • Woodside, Griffith & Hoblitzel’s Bone Black & Fertilizing Works, Fort Avenue, Locust Point.
  • Bullock’s Glue Factory, Washington Rd.


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