Historic Map - Attica, IN - 1869

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Bird's eye view of the city of Attica, Fountain County, Indiana 1869. Drawn by A. Ruger.

Reproduction of the map titled, "Bird's Eye View of the City of Attica, Indiana, 1869, Fountain County, Looking Southeast", drawn by A. Ruger and published by Chicago Lithograph Co. in 1869. The map captures the town as it appeared 45 years after the first settler purchased land there. Daniel Stump is on record for filing the first plat on March 1, 1825. Daniel Stump was a fur trader who traveled down the Wabash in 1825, seeking to take advantage of the land available for $1.25 per acre. Stump traveled with his partner George Hollingsworth, who filed the second plat shortly after Daniel. Two lots were granted to the citizens of Attica by Daniel Stump, who marked lots 35 and 36 to be called Washington Park or Washington Square. A log schoolhouse was built on the public lands, which now is the site of the Attica Public Library. George Hollingsworth stayed in the area, and operated a pole-pushed ferry across the Wabash and Daniel Stump left for Oregon, and was not heard from again.

The "Old East Historic District", defined as the 400 block of E. Washington St. and the 400 and 500 blocks of E. Monroe St, and the "Brady Street Historic District", defined as roughly bounded by S. Perry, E. Jackson, S. Council and E. Pike streets, are shown on the map.

The map includes clearly labeled street names with scenes of railroad, carriage and pedestrian traffic.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Public School
  2. T. W. & W. Railroad Depot
  3. Fair Ground
  4. Cemetery
  5. Baptist Church
  6. Christian Church
  7. Episcopal Church
  8. Methodist Church
  9. Presbyterian Church
  10. Roman Catholic Church
  11. Swedish Church