Historic Map - Benton Harbor, MI - 1889

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View of Benton Harbor, Berrien County, M.I., 1889 / drawn & published by C. J. Pauli & Co.

This panoramic print of Benton Harbor, Michigan was drawn and published by C. J. Pauli & Co. in 1889. A canal dredging contract along the Paw Paw River, held by Martin Green in 1859 and 1860, created the swampy flatlands that would become the township of Benton Harbor. The town was laid out in 1866.

Green operated the first steamship from the new village. He was a member of the firm of Green, Allen & Edwards, who had started a line of boats to Chicago. Later, James E. Stevens & Company started another line and the two companies consolidated as the Lake Michigan Transportation Company.

A large saw mill was built here by Mr. Green, who operated it successfully for some time, until selling his interests in it to J. H. Graham, who eventually dismantled the saw equipment and installed a canning factory into the structure.

By the late 1800's, Benton Harbor maintained several fruit canning and packing houses, along with numerous lumber interests. Benton Harbor was an important transportation center, providing shipment by canal, railroad and steamer, of the region’s valued agricultural and horticultural goods.

The map, looking north west, shows labeled roads, buildings, waterways and railroad routes. It features inset views of the Bell and Hopkins Subdivision, the Normal and Collegiate Institute, and Eastman Springs, located one mile south east of Higbee House. The print mentions 40 lots for sale near fairground by Jas. McDonald and 150 lots for sale at Thresher’s Addition. St. Joseph and Lake Michigan are shown in the distance.

Features references to the following locations:

Holy Trinity (Episcopal) Church.
M. E. Church.
Baptist Church.
Congregational Church in course of construction.
Congregational Church.
Town Hall.
Union School.
Ward Schools.
C. W. & M. Passenger Depot.
C. & W. M. Passenger Depot.
The Aldine Sanitarium, J. P. Thresher, Proprietor. A pleasant home for invalids and for those seeking recreation under the management of a competent corps of physicians. Dr. John Bell, Medical Director.
Normal and Collegiate Institute.
Wm. H. Richards, Planing Mill, Contractor and Builder.
Kneibes & Fonger, The Celebrated Muskegon Lager Beer.
Anderson, Tully Co., Fruit Packers.
The Alden Canning Company.
Graham & Morton Transportation Co.
Samuel Hull, Wholesale and Retail Fruit Dealer and Packer.
C. H. Godfrey, Canning Factory, Cider Mill and Fruit Evaporator.
Benton Harbor Milling Co., Full Roller System, Flour, Grain and Feed.
Lake Shore Company, Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
Bank of Benton Harbor.
A. B. Johnson, Job Printer.
Eldridge & Robbins, General Assortment Building Material.
Jas. McDonald, Lumber and Real Estate.
Fred. Blume, Manufacturer of Fine Cigars.
Stevens & Mott, General Assortment Building Material.
E. W. Heath, General Ship Builder.
Lowe & Root. Druggists.
Dr. H. V. Tutton, Diseases of the Eye and Ear.
Dr. H. C. Rockwell, Dentist.
C. M. Edick, Hardware.
G. W. Weimer, Druggist.
T. Hansen, Merchant Tailor.
J. R. Dunning, Physician and Surgeon.
Geo. Dates, Groceries and Crockeries.
Higbee House, A. Vincent, Proprietor. ($2.00 a day).
Daily Palladium.

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