Historic Map - Muskegon, MI - 1889

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View of Muskegon, Muskegon County, M.I., 1889 / drawn & published by E. S. Glover.

This panoramic view print of Muskegon, Michigan was drawn and published by E. S. Glover, Shober Carqueville Lith. in 1889. Muskegon was settled in the late 1830's on the banks of Muskegon Lake off Lake Michigan. The Muskegon River gave transportation vessels easy access to the shipping wharves built along the lakefront at that point.

Muskegon had a thriving lumber industry during the late 1800's with dependable transportation abilities by either ship or railroad. Numerous saw mills and lumber supporting industries were located at Muskegon during this era.

The map, looking east, includes labeled streets, buildings, waterways, railroad routes and wharves. A steamer of the Goodrich Transportation Co’s fleet is prominently shown on the lake. The population of “The Coming Metropolis of Western Michigan” is noted as 34,000 in 1889. It features inset illustrations of the following:

• Muskegon Car Company’s Works.
• The Hackley Library.
• Lyman Block, owned by L. G. Mason.
• Mason’s Block.
• Muskegon Chemical Fire Engine Co., Office, Shops, Foundry and Laboratory.
• North Muskegon.
• West End. Eight Ward.

Features references to the following locations:

C. & W. M. Ry. Car Shops.
Booming Co’s Mill.
C. & W. M. Ry. Upper Depot.
Froebel School.
Sanford’s Shingle Mill.
Norwegian Church.
M. Wilson & Co’s Mill.
Torrent & Co’s Mill.
Ryerson Hills & Co’s Mill.
Muskegon City Mills.
Jones Planing Mill.
L. Kanitz Lime Works.
T. D. Stimson Mill.
Cheeseman & Kelly Mfg. Co.
Langland Mfg. Co.
J. Hudson & Co. Wood Mill.
Hotel Cadillac.
Holland Church.
Kelley Bros. Mfg. Co.
Heaps Earth Closet Co. and Piano Stool Factory.
Rogers Iron Mfg. Co.
Muskegon Shingle & Lumber Co.
Muskegon Gas Co.
Post Office.
Methodist Church.
City Hall.
Court House.
Pillsbury St. School.
Apple St. School.
Monroe Mfg. Co.
Muskegon Car Works.
Muskegon Valley Furniture Co.
Sargent Mfg. Co.
Ransom St. School.
High School.
Congregational Church.
Muskegon National Bank.
Occidental Hotel.
Muskegon Club.
Swift & Co’s Meat Warehouse.
Third St. Depot.
Central Wharf.
Thayer Lumber Co.
Central School Building.
French Catholic Church.
St. Mary Catholic Church.
Thayer Lumber Co. Mill No. 2.
Blodgett & Byrnes Mill.
Davies Iron Works.
Fourth St. Church.
German Catholic Church.
Hackley Library.
Lyman Block.
Hackley & Hume Mill.
Toledo Saginaw & Muskegon Railway Dock, Grand Trunk.
T. S. & M. Ry. Depot, Grand Trunk.
Water Works.
Nelson School.
Webster Ave. Ry. Viaduct.
Muskegon Chem. Fire Engine Co.
Wieslogel Planing Mill.
P. Hayden & Sons Hame Factory.
Tempel Manufacturing Co.
Hartshorn Shade Roller Co.
C. J. Hamilton Mill.
No. 4 Engine House.
W. G. Watson & Co. Box Factory.
Muskegon Brewing Co.
Muskegon Bottling Works.
Hudson St. School.
M. G. R. & I. Ry. Round House.
Lakeside Iron Works.
Barcus Saw Works.
Muskegon Cracker Factory.
Bay Mill.
F. Alberts & Co. Mill.
P. P. Leonard Mill.
Shingle Mill.
French Mill.
Cohassett Lumber Co.
L. L. Arms Shingle & Lumber Co.
Bed Slat Factory.
Ducey Lumber Co. Mill.
Gorr, Majo & Co. Mill.
Petrie Lumber Co.
Palmer St. School.
Hovey & McCracken Mill.
McGraft Lumber Co. Mill.
Jas. S. Kirk & Co. Box Factory.
Montgomery, Champagne & Co. Mill.
Tillottson & Lovelace Mfg. Co.

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