Historic Map - Boston, MA - Revolutionary War - 1776

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A plan of the town of Boston and its environs, with the lines, batteries, and incampments of the British and American armies.

Complete reference list below.

Features lettered references to the following locations:

  a. Battery of Eight 24 Pounders and 2 Mortars
  b. Christ Church.
  c. Old North Meeting.
  d. Faneuit Hall.
  e. Town Hall.
  f. Old Meeting.
  g. Prison.
  h. King's Chapel.
   i. Redoubt with Two 12 Pounders
  k. Work House.
   l. Governor's House.
 m. Old South Meeting.
  n. Trinity Church.
  o. Redoubt of four Brass 12 Pounders.
pp. Batteries against Dorchester Neck.
  q. Small Fort with Field-Pieces.