Historic Map - Burlington, IA - 1889

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View of Burlington, Des Moines County, I.A., 1889 / drawn & published by H. Wellge.

This perspective print of Burlington, Iowa was drawn by Henry Wellge and published by American Publishing Co. in 1889. Burlington, located along the Mississippi River, is the seat of government for Des Moines County. In the late 1880's it was the home base for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad.

Burlington’s main manufacture of the era was furniture. Valued local furniture manufacturers included the Northwestern Furniture Company. Incorporated in 1886, the company changed its name in 1888 to Rand & Leopold Desk Company. The firm produced book cases and sideboards as well as its popular finely crafted desks.

The map from 1889 includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad routes. Riverboat activity is displayed in the foreground including featured steamer “Kit Carson”. There are inset illustrations of the following:

• Northwestern Furniture Company.
• Burlington Lumber Company.
• Murray Iron Works Company.
• Iowa Rolling Mills. Manufacturers of all kind. Merchant Bar Agricultural and Car Irons.
• Burlington School Furniture Co.
• Jas. W. Smither. Cracker & Candy Manufactory.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:


A. Court House.
B. County Jail.
C. City Hall.
D. Post Office.
E. Opera House.
F. Masonic Temple.
G. Odd Fellows Building and Commercial Club.
H. Young Men’s Christian Association.
I. High School Building.
J. Baptist Church.
K. St. John’s School.
L. St. Francis Hospital.
M. C., B. & Q. R. R. Union Depot and Offices.
N. C., B. & Q. R. R. Freight Depot.
O. Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Passenger Depot.
P. Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Freight Office.
Q. Burlington & N. Western (Narrow Gauge) General Offices and Depot.


  1. The Murray Irons Works Co.
  2. Northwestern Furniture Co.
  3. Burlington School Furniture Co.
  4. Embalming Burial Case Co. 1105 Agency St.
  5. Derby Roller Mills. N. R. Derby & Co., Proprietors.
  6. City Roller Mills. Cor. Front and Court Sts.
  7. D. Winter. Manufacturer of Sash, Doors and Blinds. 815 Osborn St.
  8. Iowa Rolling Mills Co.
  9. Burlington Lumber Co.
10. Jas. W. Smither. Cracker and Candy Manufactory. 129 & 131 S. 3rd St.
11. Burlington & Mississippi Elevator Co. Handling Capacity, 250 cars per day. Storage Capacity, 800,000 bushels. H. C. Dayton, Manager.
12. Burlington Linseed Oil Co. M. Simpson, Secretary.
13. Burlington Wooden Ware Co. E. A. Florange, Manager. Cor. Front and Court Sts.
14. Adams & Jacoby Trunk Mfg. 214 N. Main St.
15. Burlington Vinegar and Pickle Works. 218 and 222 3rd St.
16. Gilbert, Hedge & Co. Lumber. 723 Jefferson St.
17. Rand Lumber Co. Lumber and Building Material. 846 Jefferson St.
18. J. W. Jenkins. Manufacturer of Carriages and Buggies. Cor. 3rd and Elm Sts.
19. Bennett & Frantz. Manufacturers of Carriages. Corn. 3rd and Columbia Sts.
20. J. Kuhn & Sons. Broom Manufacturers. 407 and 409 Front St.
21. Acres, Blackmar & Co. Printers and Blank Book Makers and Binders. 206 N. 3rd St.
22. Pettit & Son. Box Factory. Renovators and Dealers in Featheas. Cor. Fifth and Market Sts.


23. Brooks, Smith & Co. Wholesale Grocery. Cor. 3rd and Market Sts.
24. Pilger Grocer Co. Wholesale Grocer. Cor. Front and Valley Sts.
25. Copeland and Martin. Wholesale Fruits and Oysters. 116 N. Main St.
26. Biklen, Winzer & Co. Wholesale Grocers. 101, 103 and 105 Main St.
27. F. Edw. Runge. Wholesale Produce and Shipper of Mississippi River Fish. 207 and 209 N. Water St.
76. Rankin & Dodge. Ice and Commission Merchants in Fruit. 605 Jefferson St.
29. J. P. Melcher. Wholesale Produce. 209 N. Main St.
30. John Blaul & Sons. Wholesale Grocers. 113 N. 3rd St.
31. Reynolds & Churchill. Wholesale Druggists. 319 and 321 N. Main St.
32. P. P. Squires & Co. Wholesale Druggists. 112, 114 and 116 Jefferson St.
33. J. L. Kelley & Co. Wholesale Agricultural Implements and Buggies. 102 N. 4th St.
34. Chas. F. Schmidt. Wholesale Hardware and Tinware. 111 and 113 N. Main St.
35. Burlington Produce Company. Wholesale Poultry, Butter and Eggs. 112 to 118 S. 5th Street.
36. Bernard Bros. & Mercer. Wholesale Marble and Building Material. Cor. 4th and Market Sts.
25. Conner Mercantile Company. Wholesale Furnishing Goods. Manufacturers of Flint Hills Overalls, Coats and Pants.
38. Schramm, Schmieg & Co. Wholesale Dry Goods and Notions. 110 Main St.
      G. C. Wolf. Wholesale Tobacco and Cigars. 121 W. Main St.
40. Standard Farm Machinery Co. Dealers in Agricultural Implements and Buggies. 215 and 217 Front St.
41. Robt. Donohue. Wholesale Heavy Hardware, Iron, Nails, Wire, etc. Cor. 3rd and Market Sts.


42. National Bank. Cor. Main and Jefferson.
43. Merchants National Bank. Cor. Main and Jefferson.
 G. Iowa State Savings Bank. Cor. Main and Valley Sts.
45. First National Bank. Cor. 3rd and Jefferson Sts.


46. Union Hotel. Chris. Geyer, Proprietor. Union Depot.
47. Central Hotel. Mort. G. Waight, Proprietor. Cor. Main and Division Sts.
49. Gorham House. 213-215-217 Valley St. V. M. Gorham, Proprietor.


100. Iowa Tribune Pub. Co. Office, 424 N. Main St.
  74. The Burlington Hawk Eye. Office, cor. Main and Washington Sts.
  31. The Daily Gazette. Office, cor. Main and Washington Sts.
   O. The Washington Herald. 106 Jefferson St. D. Jas. Wooding, Publisher.


54. Wyman & Rand. Furniture, Wall Paper, Carpets and Curtains. 317 Jefferson St. and 212 N. 4th St.
55. J. S. Schramm. Dry Goods. 218 Jefferson St.
56. Mills, White & Co. Retail Dry Goods, Notions and Cloaks. 322 Jefferson St.
  F. John Boesch. Cash Dry Goods House. 422 Jefferson St.
58. Byington Bros. Retail Hats, Caps, Gloves and Gents’ Furnishings. 221 Jefferson St.
56. H. Ranke. Furrier and Hatter. 312 Jefferson St.
32. The Schier Tailoring Co. Merchant Tailors. 206 Jefferson St.
62. John Leicht. “One Horse Grocery”. 513 Jefferson St.
63. A. S. Wehmeier. Groceries and Provisions. 409 Jefferson St.
74. Geo. Kriechbaum. Stoves and Galvanized Iron Cornice and Tinware. 320 Main St.
76. M. Sutter. Book Store and Stationery. 607 Jefferson St.
77. Mauro & Wilson. Books and Stationery. 215 Jefferson St.
64. Julius L. Krieg. Staple and Fancy Groceries. 507 Jefferson St.
63. Perkins & Peterson. China, Lamps and Glassware. 401 Jefferson St.
66. Henry’s Drug Store. Cor. 4th and Jefferson Sts.
63. Price & Wiese. Wholesale and Retail Druggists. 403 Jefferson St.
21. E. E. Wyckoff. Druggist. 218 N. 3rd St.
69. Geo. W. Schenk. Druggist. Cor. 5th and Jefferson Sts.
70. Edward F. Runge & Son. Confectioners and Caterers. 217 N. 3rd St.
71. C. H. Biklen. Confectionery and Restaurant. 419 Jefferson St.
  G. Harper’s Restaurant. Odd Fellows Bldg. 119 N. Main St.
54. Kant & Kriechbaum. Stoves and Hardware. 315
63. Leiwe & Broderson. Picture Frames and Music. 405 Jefferson St.
45. Chas. Waldin. Dealer in Diamonds, Watches and Clocks. 305 Jefferson St.
55. E. H. Carpenter. Watches and Clocks. 305 Jefferson St.
58. M. C. Conner. Wholesale and Retail Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches and Silverware. 223 Jefferson St.
82. Lange & Minton. Music Dealers. 319-321 N. 3rd St.
  F. Monfort & Hill. Photographers. Cor. 5th and Jefferson Sts.
62. E. W. Gould. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Armour Pkg. Co. Meats. 405 Jefferson St.
85. Stewaat C. Hayden. Contractors for Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating. 312 and 314 N. Main St.
22. Pettit & Son. City Steam Laundry. Cor. 5th and Market Sts.
87. Conrad Lutz. Printing and Binding. 113 and 115 Valley St.
43. Phillip M. Craps, Financial Correspondent. Cor. Main and Jefferson Sts.
42. Burlington Ins. Co. Cor. Main and Jefferson Sts.
90. Culbertson & Chamberlin. Law, Loans, Real Estate and Insurance. 209 Washington St.
100. Guelich & Blanke. Insurance. 422 N. Main St.
45. Kelley & Cooper. Lawyers. Collections a Specialty. 307 Jefferson St.
69. T. J. Trulock. Attorney at Law. Cor. 5th and Jefferson Sts.
63. T. C. Snyder. Attorney at Law. 403 Jefferson St.
94. C. W. Cram, M. D. 410 Jefferson St.
77. Taylor & Harrison. Hatters and Furnishers. 207 Jefferson St.


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