Historic Map - Dubuque, IA - 1889

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View of Dubuque, Dubuque County, I.A., 1889 / drawn & published by H. Wellge.

This panoramic perspective print of Dubuque, Iowa was drawn by Henry Wellge and published by American Publishing Co. in 1889. Dubuque, located along the Mississippi River, was a major industrial center in the late 1800's, having interests in several industries of the era.

Dubuque was also a railroad hub for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, the Illinois Central Railroad and the Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City Railroad.

The map from 1889 includes streets, buildings, bridges and railroad routes. Riverboat and barge activity is displayed in the foreground. There are featured inset illustrations of the following:

• A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Iron Pumps.
• Tom Connolly’s Carriage Factory.
• H. B. Glover & Co. Wholesale Notions & Manufacturers of Glover’s Celebrated Western Overalls.
• C. W. Robinson. Manufacturer & Wholesale Lumber Dealer.
• James Cushing & Son. Northwestern Vinegar Works.
• Iowa Block.
• Norwegian Plow Co.
• Lake Peosta.

Features references to the following locations:


Custom House and Post Office.
Court House and Jail.
City Hall.
Washington Park.
Jackson Park.
Opera House.
Baptist Church.
St. Raphael’s Cathedral.
St. Patrick’s Church.
Congregational Church.
Main St. Methodist Church.
German Methodist Church.
African Methodist Church.
German Congregational Church.
Christian Church.
Episcopal Church.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church.
German Presbyterian Church.
St. John’s Lutheran Church.
First Presbyterian Church.
Second Presbyterian Church.
Zion’s Evangelical Church.
First Universalist Church.
Academy of the Visitation.
German Presbyterian College.
Mt. St. Joseph’s Academy.
St. Joseph’s College.
St. Mary’s Academy.
St. Mary’s Parochial School.
St. Joseph’s Academy.
Public High School.
First Ward Public School.
Third Ward Public School.
Fourth Ward Public School.
Fifth Ward Public School.
Conler Avenue Public School.
Eagle Point Public School.
West Locust Public School.
Mercy Hospital.
Home for the Friendless.
Orphans Home.
C., M. & St. P. Passenger Depot.
C., M. & St. P. Freight Depot.
C., M. & St. P. Round House and Shops.
I. C. R. R. Passenger Depot.
I. C. R. R. Freight Depot.
I. C. R. R. Shops and Round House.
C., St. P. & K. C. R. R. Passenger Depot.
C., St. P. & K. C. Freight Depot.
C., St. P. & K. C. R. R. Shops and Round House.
C. B. & N. R. R. Freight Depot.
C. B. & N. R. R. Ticket Office.
C. B. & N. R. R. Passenger Depot.
Diamond Jo Line Steamers Gen’l Office.
Diamond Jo Line Wharfboat.
New Julien House.
Lorimer House. A. J. Bowley, Proprietor and Manager.
Dubuque Boat Club.


H. B. Glover & Co. Manufacturers of Celebrated Western Overalls and Wholesale Notions.
A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Iron, Wood and Chain Pumps.
Tom Connolly. Manufacturer of Carriages, Buggies and Sleighs.
Novelty Iron Works. Manufacturers of Steam Engines, Water Wheels, Saw and Flour Mill Machinery.
Iowa Iron Works. Cor. Washington and 9th Sts.
Farley & Loetscher Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Doors, Windows, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Stair and Church Work.
Carr, Ryder & Wheeler Company. Manufacturers of Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Dubuque Linseed Oil Co. Manufacturers of Pure, Raw and Boiled Linseed Oils.
Standard Lumber Co. Gang and Band Saw Mills.
C. L. Pritchard Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Buggy Tops, Lazy Backs and Cushions. 74 Main St.
Dubuque Cabinet Makers Association. Manufacturers and Jobbers of Furniture.
Jas. Forester & Co. Manufacturers of Clothing, Overalls, Shirts, etc. Iowa Block.
Key City Furniture Company. Wholesale Manufacturers of Furniture. Cor. 11th and Elm Sts.
Iowa Coffin Co.
James Cushing & Son. Manufacturers of Vinegar. Eagle Point Ave. and Valeria St.
Heeb Brewing Co.
Norwegian Plow Company. Manufacturers of the Celebrated Diamond Hardwood Plows.
C. W. Robinson. Wholesale Manufacture of Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Pickets.
J. P. Farley Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Crackers, Spices and Roasters of Coffee.


The E. M. Dickey Company. Wholesale Grain and Coal Dealers. General Offices, No. 1 Levee.
The Consolidated Tank Line. D. T. Smith, Manager.
Excelsior Oil Tank Line. E. L. Sheetz, Manager.
Diamond Jo Boat Yards.
Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 7th and Main Sts.
Dubuque Board of Trade Building.

Reliance Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Office, cor. 7th and Main Sts.
Duncan & Wallen. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.
George Salot, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Complete set of Abstract Books of Dubuque County. Office, opp. Court House.
Peter Kiene & Son. Real Estate and Insurance Agents. Cor. 4th and Main Sts.
James H. Shields, Attorney at Law. Cor. 7th and Main Sts.
Monroe M. Cady, Lawyer and Notary Public. Patent Causes a Specialty. Cor. Main and 7th Sts.


Homon & Roehl. Manufacturers of Parlor Furniture, etc.
Myers, Tice & Co. Manufacturers and Jobbers of Tobacco and Cigars. 322 Main St.
H. M. Anders, Cigar Manufacturer. 724 Main St.
Dubuque Boot and Shoe Mfg. Co. Cor. 8th and Bluff Sts.
Lay & Amsden. Manufacturers and Jobbers of Boots and Shoes.
E. B. Piekenbrock, Wholesale Dealer in Boots and Shoes.
Glasser & Bradley, Wholesalers and Jobbers of Cigars and Tobacco.
Bell & Provost Co. Wholesale Notions and Dry Goods.
Dubuque Millinery Company. Wholesale Millinery and Fancy Goods. 651 and 653 Main St.
Westphal, Hinds Hardware Co. Wholesale Hardware and Wagon Stock.
G. B. Grosvenor, Wholesale Books and Stationery, Pianos and Organs, Music, Wall Paper.
W. H. Torbert, Wholesale Druggist. 756 Main St.
Poole, Gilliam & Co. Wholesale Grocers. 264 to 272 Main St.
Schroeder & Kleine, Wholesale Grocers. Cor. 4th and Main Sts.
M. M. Walker & Co. Commission Merchants and Wholesale Fruits. 194 to 198 Main St.
G. N. Raymond, Wholesale Crockery, Glassware, Woodenware, Cutlery, etc. 661 Main St.
M. Hollenfelz, Wholesale Liquors and Bottlers of Beer and Ale. 168 Sixth St.
L. A. Rhomberg, Wholesale Wines and Liquors. 531 Main St.


The Dubuque Telegraph.
Daily Times.
Daily Herald.


Second National Bank. NW cor. Main and 6th Sts.
German Bank. Main St.
First National Bank. Cor. Main and 5th Sts.
German Trust and Savings Bank. Cor. 13th and Clay Sts.
Dubuque County Bank. Main St.


E. Schaltrian. Tailors, Clothiers and Hatters. 405 Main St.
Sullivan & Stampfer, Dry Goods. 831 and 835 Main St. Under the Town Clock.
A. Christman, Dry Goods and Carpets. 672 Main St.
Solomon Bros. Department Store. 656 and 664 Main St.
Jos. Simones & Co. Dry Good, Notions and Clothing. 16th and Clay Sts.
Knights & Co. Jewelry. 708 to 714 Main St.
Dean & Co. Tailors and Haberdashers. 611 Main St.
Harger & Blish, Books, Wall Paper and Pianos. 904 Main St.
Allen, A. & G. D. Grocers. 1135 Main St.
Star Grocery Co. D. D. Putnam, Manager. 10th and Main Sts.
John Knoernschild & Son. Mea Market. 1086 Main St.
Jos. A. Palen, Druggist. 1804 Couler Ave.
G. T. Thorman, Druggist. 18th and Clay Sts.
Palace Drug Store. J. W. Wittmer, Manager. 1347 Clay St.
J. F. Steiner & Co. Toys, China and Glassware. 5 and 10 Cent Counter. 552 Main St.
Spellerberg & Heins. Stoves, Furnaces and Tinware. 388 Main St.
J. F. Ris Bro. Stoves, Furnaces, Galvanized Iron Cornices, etc. 648 Main St.
William S. Molo, Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting. 472 Main St.
Smith, Mathis Bros. & Co. Printing, Blank Books and Binding. 564 Main St.
Byrne Bros. Livery and Undertakers. Cor. 9th and Iowa Sts.
Julien Ave. Livery and Boarding Stables, Omnibuses and Transfer Lines. 37 Julien Ave.
Clark’s Art Store. 892 Main St.


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