Historic Map - Calumet, MI - 1881

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View of Calumet, Hecla and Red Jacket, Houghton County, M.I., 1881 / drawn & published by H. Wellge.

This hand-colored panoramic print of Calumet, Michigan and vicinity was drawn and published by Henry Wellge, Beck & Pauli Lith. in 1881. Calumet and the mining company towns in the vicinity were settled in the 1860's as copper was discovered and mined aggressively in this northern peninsula region.

The township of Red Jacket served and housed the miners, and was a transportation center for the valued metal.

In 1871, the area’s Calumet Mining Company consolidated with the Hecla Mining Company, forming the copper giant Calumet and Hecla Mining Company. Red Jacket prospered as a result of the many copper mines of the region, which also maintained a successful dairy industry. Red Jacket and its surrounding mining company towns incorporated as Calumet in 1929.

The colorful map, showing Calumet Township, Hecla and Red Jacket, contains labeled roads, buildings and railroad routes. The population is indicated as 7500.

Features references to the following locations:

High School House.
Post Office.
Miners Hospital.
St. Patrick Hall.
Congregational Church.
Finland Lutheran Church.
German Lutheran Church.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Calumet Engine House.
Calumet Boiler House.
Calumet Pump House.
Calumet Ware House.
Calumet Compressor.
Calumet Rock House.
Calumet Blacksmith Shop.
Calumet Dry House.
Calumet & Hecla Water Works.
Pop & Root Beer Factory, Jno. Phillips, Proprietor.
Hecla Engine House.
Hecla Rock House.
Hecla Round House.
Hecla Ware House.
Hecla Dry House.
Hecla Blacksmith Shop.
Hecla Carpenter Shop.
Hecla Machine Shop.
Fire Engine House, Steamer.
Mineral Range R. R. Depot.
Lumber Yard, Thos. M. Lyon, Proprietor.
Norwegian & Sweede Lutheran Church.
Roman Catholic Church.
Pacific House, F. W. Gettling, Proprietor.
Anglo American House, T. Carlyon, Proprietor.
German American House.
Commercial House.
Calumet Hotel.
Base Ball Grounds.

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