Historic Map - Jackson, MI - 1881

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View of Jackson, Jackson County, M.I., 1881 / drawn & published by A. Ruger.

This bird’s-eye view print of Jackson, Michigan was drawn and published by Albert Ruger, Beck & Pauli Lith. in 1881. Jackson was settled on the banks of the Grand River in the late 1820's and was named county seat of the newly established Jackson County in 1832.

It was located along a well-used trail mid-way between Detroit and Chicago.

In the late 1800's, Jackson was a major Michigan industrial center served by the Michigan Central, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and Fort Wayne & Jackson railroads.

The map, looking north east, includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad routes.

Features references to the following locations:

Court House.
County Jail.
State Prison.
High School.
Ward Schools.
Fair Grounds.
Water Works.
Michigan Central R. R. Depot.
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R. R. Depot.
Fort Wayne & Jackson R. R. Depot.
Post Office. W. L. Seaton, P. M.


Hurd House, Smith & Hurd, Proprietors.
Hibbard House.
Mosher House, John F. Sharpsteen, Proprietor.
Hotel Kaspar, Yahrs Dorfer, Proprietor.
Union Hotel.
Commercial Hotel.


Withington & Cooley Mfg. Co. Works at Prison. Office and Warehouse, Main and Milwaukee Sts
G. T. Smith, Middlings Purifier Mfg. Co.
Foundry and Machine Shop, T. G. Bennett.
Bennett, Brick and Tile Works.
Foundry and Machine Shop, A. E. Vandercook, Owner.
Foundry and Machine Shop, E. Dennis & Co.
Central City Soap Works.
Peninsula Coffee and Spice Mills.
Peninsula Brewery, C. Haehnle & Co.
Malt House, C. Haehnle & Co.
Bortree Duplex Corset Manufacturing, Chas. W. Higby, President.
Michigan Manufacturing Co., W. F. Cowham, Pres.
Artificial Stone Manufacturing, G. W. Stevens.
Artificial Stone Manufacturing, P. Jenkins.
Boot and Shoe Manufacturing, W. N. Woodsum & Co.
Coronet Corset Co.
General Machine Shop, J. A. Sanford.
Jackson Granite and Marble Works, J. D. Hill’s.
Jackson Gas Light Co.
Jackson Foundry and Machine Works, Hibbard & Smith.


D. V. Bunnell, Clothing, 122 and 124 Main Street, West.
M. W. Robinson, Dry Goods, 165 Main Street, West.
Warder, Bushnell & Glessner, Manufacturers Champion Mowers and Reapers, 202 Mechanic St., South, W. B. Reid, Manager.
R. D. Bullock, Pianos and Organs, 124 and 126 Main St., West.
J. C. Bonnell, Jobber of Oils, 107 Mechanic Street, South.
Thos. A. Wilson, Attorney, 102 Main Street, West.
Jackson Interest and Deposit Bank, 128 Main St., East, D. Gibson, President, T. Western, Cashier.
W. L. Hobart, Groceries and Provisions, 102 Main St. East.
A. H. Brown, Books, Wall Paper, Music and Picture Goods, 114 Main St., West.
H. H. Case, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, 116 Main Street, West.
D. W. Wood, Billiard Hall, 130 Main Street, West.
Carl Dettmann, Meat Market, 112 Main Street, East.
J. B. Tomlinson, Jeweler, 132 Main Street, West.
John W. Cathcart, Jeweler, 120 Main Street, East.
E. L. Lovejoy, Peoples Art Store, 146 Main St., West.
J. F. Sammons, Funeral Director, Francis and Mill Sts.
John A. Daller, Jeweler, Hibbard House Block.
P. B. Lomis & Co., Bankers, 109 Main Street, East.
H. N. Teall, Merchant Tailor, 102 Main Street, East.
R. R. Matteson, Hats, Caps and Gents Furnishings, 115 Main Street East.
Martin & Boylan, Druggists, 105 Main Street, West.
John Mahan, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., 125 Main Street East.
Barrett & Daly, Manufacturers Galvanized Iron, Cornices and Window Caps, 153 Main Street, East.
Fred. J. Pratt, Jeweler, 126 Main Street, West.
J. M. Welsh, Attorney, 158 Main Street, West.
Kimball & Blackmar, Dentists, 158 Main St., West.
James F. Shaw, Boots and Shoes, 126 Main St., West.
F. W. Hahn, Peninsula Restaurant, 104 Main St. East.
Geo. W. Kennedy, Insurance and Loan Agent, 180 Main Street, West.
Horace Hunt, Justice of the Peace, 180 Main St., West.
Kellogg & Baker, Wholesale Grocers, 211 Main St., West.
John Bender, Restaurant, 107 Main Street, West.
B. F. Eggleston, Merchant Tailor, 111 Main Street, West.
Alf. C. Cowherd, Book Binder, 119 Main St., West.
Alfred Taylor, Barber and Hair Dresser, 131 Main Street, East.
A. C. Tinker & Co., Saddlery Hardware, 151 Main St. West.
C. Delamatter, Harness, Robes, Trunks, etc., 157 Main Street, West.
W. N. Woodsum & Co., Boots and Shoes, 167 and 119 Main Street, West.
W. W. Child, Jewelry and Silver Ware, 186 Main Street, West.
C. C. Bloomfield & Co., Jobbers of Oils & Glass Ware, Cortland and Mechanic Sts.
F. Van Every, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc., No. 2 Hollon Block.
W. A. Beach, Licensed Pawn Broker, 103 Francis Street.
L. J. Dunn, Dentist, 139 Main Street, East.
Olmstead & Freeman, Undertakers, 118 Mechanic Street, South.
H. C. Ransom, Furniture, 141 Main Street West.
Geo. W. Ford, Real Estate and Insurance, 147 Main Street, West.
F. G. Adler, Family Bottling Works, 118 Main Street, East.
E. M. Evans, Meat Market, 111 and 113 Mechanic Street, North.
E. M. Evans, Meat Market, 115 Jackson St., South.
J. G. & G. W. Carter, Produce, Wool, etc., 202 Jackson Street, North.
Geo. Welsh, Dealer in Coal and Wood, 208 Jackson Street, North.
F. A. Kennedy, Groceries and Provisions. 192 Jackson Street, North.
W. W. Bennett, Undertakers and Picture Goods, 115 Jackson Street, South.
Erastus Peck, Attorney, 102 Main Street, West.
Gibson, Parkinson & Ashley, Attorneys, 207 Main St. West.
S. M. Isbell & Co., Fruits, Produce and Commission, Opera House Block.
Hewlett Bros., Attorneys, 159 Main Street, West.
C. R. Wendt, Physician and Surgeon, 115 Main St. West.
Benjamin Coldwell, Shoe Shop, Opposite Post Office.
W. P. Stiles, Restaurant and Coffee House, Mill and Francis Sts.
Pratt & White, Hardware, 188 Main Street, West.
Lennon Bros., Grocers, 1308 Cooper St.
D. G. Powers, Livery Stable, 113 Cortland Street, East.
C. H. Vandercook, Liver and Sale Stable, 213 and 215 Mechanic Street, South.
J. B. Wesley, Blacksmith and Horse Shoeing Shop, 211 Mechanic Street, South.
O. H. Myers, Star Clothing House, 158 Main St., West.
J. F. Sauer, Groceries and Provisions, 204 Main St. East.
J. C. Bader, General Hardware, 214 Main St., East.
Weber Bros., Meat Market, 220 Main Street, East.
G. C. Sauer, Saloon, 222 Main Street, East.
John Shephard, House and Sign Painter, 10 Mill Street.
N. H. Eckler, Billiard Hall, 213 Main Street, East.
Frederick Long, Barber and Hair Dresser, 217 Main Street, East.
Thomas H. Wicks, Tobacco and Liquor Store, 221 Main Street, East.
Colwell Bros., Druggists, 241 Main Street, East.
A. Gallup, City Sample Room, 141 Main St., East.
E. F. Rothrick, Fruits and Confectionery, 301 Main Street, East.
Thomas McClary, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, 313 Main Street, East.
Ed. O. Donnell, Saloon, 271 Main Street, East.
John Straub, Upholsterer, 153 Pearl Street, West.
Geo. H. Porter, Plumber, Steam and Gas Fitter, 111 Pearl Street, West.
August Herrie, Saloon, 110 Pearl Street, West.
J. C. Moorhouse, Dealer in Coal and Wood, 130 Mechanic Street, North.
Z. R. Wright & Co., General Joiners and Jobbers, 6 Clinton Street, West.
Reynolds & Co., Dealers in Coal, Wood and Groceries, 521 Main Street, East.
N. E. Gridley, Market Place Saloon.
Waldron & Curtis, Druggists, 101 Francis Street.
A. D. Jenks, Groceries and Provisions, 129 Main St., East.
Barrett & Daly, Tin and Coppersmiths, 153 Main Street, East.
G. W. Anderson, Truck Line, 212 Mechanic Street, South.
S. W. Miller, Groceries and Provisions, 511 Cooper St.
B. C. Rowley, Groceries and Provisions, 101 Main Street, West.


Jackson Daily Citizen, Jas. O. Donnell, Editor, 123 Mechanic Street, South.
Daily Patriot, Carlton & Van Antwerp, Editors, 175 Main Street, West.
Saturday Evening Star, M. W. Tarbox, Editor, 120 Mechanic Street, South.
Michigan Volksfreund, Rud. Worch, Editor, 120 Mechanic Street, South.
L. S. Weks, Job Printer, 105 Main Street, East.
Wm. P. Heaton, Job Printer, 123 Main Street, West.


Central Baptist.
First Baptist.
Free Will Baptist.
Second Baptist.
Roman Catholic.
First Congregational.
Second Congregational.
Ev. Luth. Trinity.
First Methodist.
Free Methodist.
African Methodist.
Mission Chapel.


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