Historic Map - Cherryfield, ME - 1896

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View of Cherryfield, Washington County, Maine, 1896, Published by Geo. E. Norris.

Cherryfield, Maine is proud of its title “The Blueberry Capitol of the World” and has an historic district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the fine examples of 18th century architecture that are on the register are referenced on this map.

The following brief article appeared in an August 5th, 1892 issue of “The Bangor Daily Whig and Courier”:

 “The Austin family of Cherry field is noted for its telegraphers. There were three brothers and two sisters, all of whom were experts. The brothers are dead. The elder sister, who, it is said, was the first lady operator in the eastern part of the state, left the key many years ago, and her younger sister, Mrs. J. H. Brimmer, fills the position in the Western Union office at Ellsworth. The elder brother, M. P. Austin, for many years manger of the Portland office, was classed as one of the best operators on the line. His son Allen W. Austin, who receives press messages in the Western Union office at Boston, during the National Democratic convention at Chicago, was sent there to work a private wire to Gray Gables, and so well did he perform the duty that Mr. Cleveland has since given him a liberal present in cash.”

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

• Baptist Church.
• Congregational Church.
• Academy and Town Hall.
• Cherryfield House.
• Methodist Church.
• Catholic Church.
• Schools.
• Trotting Park.
• C. R. Campbell & Co., Lumber Manufacturers.
• W. M. Nash & Sons, Lumber Manufacturers.
• C. P. Nickels, Lumber Manufacturer.
• Steam Lumber Mill.
• W. C. & A. Ricker, Blacksmithing.
• Daniel Buchanan, Blacksmithing.
• E. S. Workman, Mason, Contractor and Builder.
• E. E. Church & Co., Sole Leather Tanners.
• A. Campbell & Co.’s Est., Grist Mill.
• G. R. Campbell & Co., General Merchandise.
• W. M. Nash & Sons, General Merchandise.
• C. P. Nickels, General Merchandise.
• J. Monohon, Jr., Corn, Flour and Groceries.
• Peter Smith, General Merchandise.
• E. S. Wilson, Corn, Flour and Groceries.
• C. M. Ward, Corn, Flour and Groceries.
• Nickels & Ward, Clothing.
• S. S. Hutchinson, Drugs and Fancy Goods.
• P. B. Guptill, Jeweler.
• U. G. Gardner, Fruit, Confectionery, Summer Drinks.
• H. H. Bowles, Musical Instruments, Bicycles, etc.
• A. M. Matthews, Dry Goods and Groceries.
• F. I. Campbell, Law and Insurance.
• Wm. Freeman, Counselor at Law.
• C. J. Milliken, Physician and Surgeon.
• E. B. Silsby, Physician and Surgeon, Drugs, etc.
• S. M. Inman, Dentist, Office and Residence.
• J. S. Nickels, Lumber Mfr. and Livery Stable.
• M. H. Cook, Machias Stage Line.
• A. C. Sproul, Teaming.
• Geo. R. Davis, Teaming.
• Frank O’Brien, Billiard Hall and Hair Dressing Rooms.
• G. R. Campbell, Residence.
• W. M. Nash, Residence.
• Fred. I. Campbell, Residence.
• Frank C. Nash, Residence.
• Chas. Campbell, Residence.
• David W. Campbell, Residence.
• Frank Campbell, Residence.
• Electric Light Station.
• Post Office, C. D. Small, P. M.