Historic Map - Cheshire, CT - 1882

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View of Cheshire, Connecticut. 1882.

Beautifully colored historic map of Cheshire, CT in 1882. In 1840, a local woman known as "Jinny" discovered unusual stones in her yard. The stones turned out to be deposits of barium sulphate, or barytes, a mineral used in the manufacturing of paint, glass and rubber products. Barium sulphate was mined in Cheshire for the next 40 years, bringing a wave of immigration to the town from miners of the Cornwall, England mining district. The Cheshire Manufacturing Co., founded in 1850, is shown in one of the inset illustrations.

Inset images include:

Residence of Rev. Sanford J. Horton D. D.
Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, Horton Hall
Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, Bowden Hall
Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, Bronson Hall
Wallace House
Cheshire Manufacturing Co.
Cheshire Brass Company

Complete reference list below.

Features lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Cheshire Post Office, E. R. Brown, Post Master
  2. West Cheshire Post Office
  3. N. H. & N. R. R. Station
  4. Town Hall
    Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, founded 1794,
    Rev. Sanford J. Horton D. D. Principal
  5. Horton Hall
  6. Bowden Hall
  7. Bronson Hall
  8. Principal's Residence
  9. Gymnasium
  10. Parade and Play Grounds
  11. Public Schools
  12. Episcopal Church
  13. Congregational Church
  14. Methodist Church
  15. Catholic Church
  16. Wallace House
  17. Paynes Hotel
  18. Cheshire Manufacturing Co.
  19. Peck, Stowe & Wilcox Co.
  20. Button Manufactory
  21. The Academy Store, G. A. Steele, Proprietor
  22. M. N. Chamberlin, M. D.
  23. M. C. Doolittle, Merchant Tailor
  24. E. R. Brown, General Merchandise
  25. General Stores

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