Historic Map - Unionville, CT - 1878

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View of Unionville, Conn.

Reproduction bird's-eye view of the community known as Unionville, CT, published by O. H. Bailey in 1878. Located along a bend in the Farmington River, Unionville was considered good farming by early settlers. Several factories would begin harnessing water power from the river to run their operations. Miss Porter's nearby school for girls was established in 1843 by educational reformer Sarah Porter. It has since been a springboard for such illustrious alumni as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lilly Pulitzer.

The map features bottom border illustrations of Residence of Sam'l Frisbie, The Cowels Hardware Co., Union Nut Co., Cowles Paper Co., Delaney & Munson Mfg. Co. and Res. of A. S. Upson. The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, carriage, river and pedestrian traffic.  

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Post Office
  2. R. R. Depot & Adams Express Office, C. H. Dakin, Agt.
  3. Tunxis House
  4. Temperance Hotel
  5. Congregational Church
  6. Methodist Episcopal Church
  7. Episcopal Church
  8. St Mary's Star of the Sea
  9. Public School
  10. Union Nut Co.
  11. Cowles Paper Co.
  12. Delaney & Munson Mfg. Co. (paper)
  13. Platner & Porter Mfg. Co. (paper)
  14. Cowles Hardware Co.
  15. H. M. Preston, Machine Shop
  16. Union Cabinet Mfg. Co.
  17. Standard Rule Co.
  18. Ripley Mfg. Co. (turning)
  19. Union Carriage Shop
  20. J. W. Hoyt, Carriage Shop & Residence
  21. T. G. Flanagan's, Soap Mfy.
  22. Tryon's Block
  23. Merriman's Block. Cooke's Block No. 1, G. A. Merriman & Co., Meat Market at No. 23
  24. S. N. Wadsworth, Stoves & Hardware
  25. A. Q. Perkins, Meat Market
  26. C. T. Georgia, Store & Residence
  27. L. Gerity, Store and Residence, C. L. Mason. Ins. Agent, Tryon's Block
  28. I. V. Robotham, Millinery & Dress Making
  29. J. D. Williams, Printer, Notions, etc.
  30. Residence & Office of E. M. Ripley M. D.
  31. Residence & Office of C. L. Beach M. D. (Homeopathic), Office of E. A. Towne M. D. in No. 23
  32. Residence of A. S. Upson
  33. Residence of Samuel Frisbie

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