Historic Map - Stafford Springs, CT - 1878

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View of Stafford Springs, Conn. 1878.

Reproduction drawing of the community known as Stafford Springs, CT, published by O. H. Bailey & Co. in 1878. Downtown Stafford was once called Stafford Springs. It began as a agricultural community, but with the fast-moving waters of the tributaries of the Willimantic River, industrialization was fast at hand. By the mid-1800's Stafford Springs was connected by railroad to markets all through New England. Several Union force supplies, including cannon balls, were made here during the Civil War.

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, carriage and pedestrian traffic. It features inset illustrations of Mineral Springs Manufacturing Co., Residence of Julius Converse "Woodlawn", Stafford National Bank, Converseville Co's. Mills, Residence of B. Wells Patten, Residence of Robbins Patten and Granite Mill Co.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Post Office and N. L. N. R. R. Depot
  2. Congregational Church
  3. M. E. Church
  4. Grace Episcopal Church
  5. St. Edward's R. C. Church
  6. St. Edward's R. C. School
  7. St. Mary's Convent
  8. Public Schools
  9. Stafford National Bank
  10. Savings Bank of Stafford Springs
  11. C. Fox & Co., Manufacturers of Woolens
  12. Mineral Springs Woolen Manufacturing Co., Julius Converse, Treasurer
  13. Granite Mills Co., Cottons, Geo. M. Ives, Agent
  14. Converseville Co., Woolens, B. W. Patten, Agent
  15. Glen Co. Cotton Warp, etc., E. C. Pinney, Agent
  16. Phoenix Woolen Co., Woolens, Chas. Holt, Agent
  17. Rowitser Bros.
  18. Wm. Smith & Co., Manufacturers' Supplies
  19. E. C. Dennis, Grain, Meal and Feed
  20. C. J. Holmes, Coal and Lumber
  21. G. H. Baker, Furniture, Carpets, etc.
  22. Warren's Block
  23. Henry Smith, Dentist
  24. Rockwell's Block
  25. J. H. Reed, Attorney at Law
  26. R. D. Davison, Attorney at Law
  27. Foster's Block
  28. F. Chamberlin, Home Insurance Co.
  29. Mrs. O. Dorman, Home Dining Rooms
  30. F. N. Crane, Harness Manufacturer
  31. Geo. O. Cleaveland, Flour, Grain, &c.
  32. Mrs. Geo. O. Cleaveland, Furniture, Notions, &c.
  33. E. A. Buck & Co., Hardware
  34. B. F. Taylor, Organs, Notions, etc.
  35. W. A. Comins, Carriage Shop and Blacksmithing
  36. Dr. C. H. Lampear
  37. C. B. Newton, M. D.
  38. Thompson & Whiton, Groceries
  39. Lyman Cushman, Livery Stable
  40. Gary Bros., Livery Stable
  41. J. F. Brooks, Road Scrapers
  42. Bidwell & Smith, Meat Market
  43. J. E. Walker & Co., Blue Front Clothing House
  44. Stafford Springs House

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