Historic Map - Lake City, FL - 1885

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Panoramic-view of Lake City, Fla. county seat of Columbia Cty. 1885. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Reproduction historic map of Lake City, Florida published in 1885. The town once known as "Alligator" changed its name in 1859 to Lake City. It is said that the wife of the town's mayor refused to hang her lace curtains in a place called "Alligator". In 1864, the Confederate and Union armies clashed at a site just fifteen miles east of Lake City, in what was to be the only battle during the Civil War that was fought in Florida.

An inset illustration of the "Borum House" appears centered at the top of the map.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. State Agricultural College.
  2. County Court House.
  3. Episcopal Church.
  4. Presbyterian Church.
  5. Baptist Church.
  6. Methodist Church.
  7. Catholic Church.
  8. Colored Baptist Church.
  9. Colored Methodist Church.
  10. Peabody School.
  11. Colored Academy.
  12. Post Office.
  13. Magnolia Bluff, 100 feet high, Moodie's Addition.
  14. Lake City Cotton Ginning Co.
  15. De Soto Ginning Works, Bays & Masters.
  16. Lake City De Soto Carriage Works, Masters & Fisher.
  17. Planing Mill and Cotton Gins, A. B. Hart.
  18. Lake City Wagon and Carriage Works, L. W. Johnson.
  19. Borum House.
  20. Chicago House.
  21. Thrasher House.
  22. A. G. Bigelow, General Merchandise - Residence.
  23. J. F. Bays, General Merchandise - Residence.
  24. James E. Young, General Merchandise - Residence.
  25. Edge & Porter, General Merchandise - Residence.
  26. G. W. Watts, General Merchandise - Residence.
  27. G. W. Cline, General Merchandise - Residence.
  28. Futch Bros., General Merchandise - Residence.
  29. J. Potsdamer, Red Star Store.
  30. T. G. Henderson, Fancy Groceries.
  31. Chalker Bros. & Price, Druggists.
  32. Dr. Hunter & Son, Druggists.
  33. S. Boteler Thompson Fancy Goods and Stationery.
  34. Geo. O. Adicks, Baker and Confectioner.
  35. Colson & Phillips, Market.
  36. W. E. Robinson, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Fruits and Confectionery.
  37. Finley Dortch & Snowdon, Real Estate.
  38. Wm Hardon, Livery Stable.
  39. J. E. Henry, Livery and Sale Stable - Residence.
  40. W. T. Bacon, Physician and Surgeon.
  41. C. R. King, Attorney.
  42. W. R. Chalker, Mdse.
  43. M. M. T. Huchingson, M. D.
  44. John Vanzant, Jr., Clerk Circuit Court.
  45. Richard House, Carpenter - Residence.
  46. F. B. Moodie, Residence.
  47. W. H. Perry, Residence.
  48. J. C. Macfarlane, Residence.
  49. J. C. Bates, Residence.
  50. C. S. Wykoff, Residence.
  51. City Water Works.

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