Historic Map - Longwood, FL - 1885

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Bird's eye view of Longwood, Florida, Orange County 1885. G. A. Miller, del. Forbes Co. Photo-lith.

Charming print of an historic "Bird's Eye View" map of Longwood, Florida published in 1885. According to Edward Warren Henck, who was elected mayor of Longwood the same year that this map was published, "there were no other inhabitants in what is now the corporation of Longwood" when he arrived in 1873. Henck had the distinction of having been part of the honor guard that accompanied President Lincoln's body from Washington to Illinois after his assassination. Edward Henck established the Longwood Post Office in 1876, and as its first postmaster, gave the town the name of Longwood after a neighborhood in Boston that he had helped plat in his days as a young engineer. He was also the leader of a group of businessmen that pushed to get the first post-Civil War railroad constructed in Florida. The South Florida Railroad began construction in 1879 and completed the line between Orlando and Sanford in November, 1880.

Credited with publishing the map, with both his residence and business featured as illustrations, is P. A. Demens. P. A. Demens (formerly Pyotr Alekseyevich Dementyev) arrived in Florida in 1881, an expatriate nobleman who fled Czarist Russia due to a political feud. He was instrumental in the development of Longwood, and is credited with bringing the railroad from Lake Monroe to St. Petersburg, which was named to honor Demens' hometown in Russia.

The map features detailed illustrations of the following businesses and residences:

Dr. R. Norman, Drugs, Medicines and Stationery.
King Miller & Hall, Real Estate Agents & Surveyors.
A. M. Taylor & Co., General Merchandise.
Longwood Hotel, Henry Hand - Proprietor.
P. A. Demens' Residence.
P. A. Demens & Co., Architects and Contractors.

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