Historic Map - Mountain Lake Park, MD - 1906

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View of Mountain Lake Park, Garrett County, M.D., 1906 / drawn & published by Fowler & Kelly.

This bird’s-eye view print of Mountain Lake Park, Maryland was drawn by T. M. Fowler and published by Fowler & Kelly in 1906. Mountain Lake Park was created in the 1880's as a summer resort town.

Eight hundred acres of farmland and wilderness were purchased and transformed into a get-a-way and inspirational destination for those of the Methodist faith. A large assembly hall was constructed in 1882 to serve as an administration building. A lake was later formed northeast of the growing village that included a hydro-electric power system.

Mountain Lake Park soon gained popularity as a fashionable resort town, with many small hotels for its visitors. The town’s Bashford Auditorium was completed in 1900. Its massive umbrella-shaped roof stunned many of the thousands who gathered there to hear speakers from all over.

The map names Mountain Lake Park as America’s Ideal Summer Resort at 2,800 feet above sea level, 800 acres and $300,000.00 in improvements. It includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad route. The featured inset illustrations and photographs include:

  • Mr. U. R. Clayton Cottage.
  • G. I. Richardson’s Cottage.
  • T. O. Richards’ Cottage.
  • J. L. Echards’ Cottage.
  • W. B. Maxwell’s Cottage.
  • Dr. W. L. Davidson’s Cottage.
  • Collin’s Cottage.
  • Dr. C. W. Baldwin’s Cottage
  • Mr. H. C. Sharp’s Cottage.
  • Mrs. M. S. Stratton’s Cottage.
  • W. W. McConnell’s Cottage.
  • Comerford and Ingram Cottage.
  • New Auditorium.
  • Mrs. Hank’s Cottage.
  • Mt. Lake Pharmacy, Dr. Laughlin, Proprietor.
  • Carr’s Cottage.
  • H. B. Carroll’s Cottage.
  • H. K. Fulton’s Cottage.
  • Mrs. J. L. Campbell’s Braethorn.
  • Assembly Hall.
  • Mr. W. H. H. Sheet’s Cottage.
  • Dr. John G. McLain’s Cottage.
  • Mr. J. L. Ruhl’s Cottage
  • Nesbitt Cottage.
  • Dr. Thistle’s Cottage.
  • Alleghany House. L. A. Rudisill, Manager.
  • Felty & Co. Store.
  • Mrs. Cowan’s Cottage.
  • Ex Gov. Fleming’s Summer Home.
  • Maj. J. M. Burn’s Cottage.
  • Mrs. S. E. Blue, “The Burlington”.
  • Park View.
  • Mountain Lake.
  • Hall of Philosophy.

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