Historic Map - Naugatuck, CT - 1877

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View of Naugatuck, Conn. 1877. C. H. Vogt lith.

An historic map print reproduction of Naugatuck, CT, published by C. H. Vogt in 1877. Like many nearby towns in the Naugatuck Valley, Naugatuck was initially a farming community in western Connecticut, settled in 1701. The Industrial Revolution found Naugatuck ready to transform itself into a thriving mill town. Charles Goodyear, who was the first American to vulcanize rubber, lived in Naugatuck as a young man. Rubber manufacturing became a major focus of industry in Naugatuck, with companies like Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, founded by Henry Goodyear, the brother of Charles Goodyear. This map captures Naugatuck just fifteen years before nine rubber manufactories in Naugatuck became the U. S. Rubber Company. Inset illustrations of the Goodyear Rubber Globe Company and the Tuttle & Whittemore Co. Malleable Iron Works appear in the lower margin of the map. Beautifully detailed and colored lithography.
 Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. U. S. Post Office
  2. Naugatuck Hotel
  3. R. R. Depot
  4. Gongregational Church
  5. Methodist Episcopal Church
  6. Protestant Episcopal Church
  7. St. Francis R. C. Church
  8. Goodyears L. R. Glove Mfg. Co.
  9. Goodyears M. R. Shoe Co.
10. The Tuttle Mfg. Co.
11. Connecticut Cutlery Co.
12. Union Knife Co.
13. Naugattuck Machine Co.
14. Seamless I. R. Works
15. The Tuttle & Whittemore Co.

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