Historic Map - Philadelphia, PA - 1886

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View of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, P.A., 1885 / drawn & published by Burk & McFetridge.

This bird’s-eye view of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was drawn and published by Burk & McFetridge in 1885. Philadelphia, founded in 1682 at the confluence of the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, prospered with its river port location, becoming a major trade and industrial center. The port, together with the convenient supply of iron and the abundance of coal led Philadelphia to become one of the largest producers and transporters of iron.

American insurance companies began to emerge in Philadelphia in the early 1700's, enabling better access to insurance representatives. Fire and Life insurance were introduced here. In 1883, the Philadelphia Fire Underwriters Tariff Association was organized. The organization established uniform rates amongst the various insurance carriers while instilling fire preventive measures on Philadelphians.

The map from 1886 includes streets, buildings, bridges, piers and railroad routes. It features inset illustrations of the following:

• J. T. Jackson & Co. Real Estate Brokers. 711 Walnut St. Buy and sell property on commission. Collect rents and incomes, and take charge of estates. Trust funds to loan on mortgages.
• The Union Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. Incorporated 1804. Fire, Marine and Inland. 3rd & Walnut Sts.
• Union National Bank. 3rd & Arch Sts.
• Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co. 331-337 Walnut St.
• J. Benton Young. Real Estate Broke. 915 Walnut St.
• The American Fire Insurance Co. 308-310 Walnut St.
• Commonwealth National Bank. 400 Walnut St.
• United States Plate Glass Ins. Co. 134 & 136 South 4th St.
• Third National Bank. Market & Broad Sts.
• The Pennsylvania Fire Ins. Co. of Philadelphia. 510 Walnut St.
• United Firemen’s Insurance Co. 419 Walnut St.
• Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co. 316-318 & 320 Chestnut St.
• Commercial Union Assurance Co. of London, Eng. Office, 330 Walnut St.
• Greenwich Point.
• Northern Saving Fund, Safe Deposit & Trust Co. 6th & Spring Garden Sts.
• National Bank of the Republic. 313 Chestnut St.
• German Fire Ins. Co. of Philadelphia. 412 Walnut St.
• Banking House of L. H. Taylor & Co. third and Chestnut Sts.
• Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit & Insurance Co. 413, 415 & 417 Chestnut St.
• Delaware Mutual Safety Ins. Co. 3rd and Walnut Sts.
• Pennsylvania Warehousing and Safe Deposit Co. Girard Building. Cash Advances on Staple Articles of Merchandise. 3rd St. below Chestnut.
• Spring Garden Fire Ins. Co. 431 Walnut St.
• The Philadelphia National Bank. 423 Chestnut St.
• The Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania. Marine, Fire & Inland Insurance. Incorporated 1794. 4 & 5 Exchange Building.
• Western Saving Fund Society. Tenth & Walnut Sts.
• The Beneficial Saving Fund. 12th and Chestnut Sts.
• Equitable Mortgage Co. of Kansas City. Capital $600,000. 6 and 7% Guaranteed. Farm Mortgages in amounts from $200 to $10,000. Principle and Interest Guaranteed and Payable at Philadelphia. 112 S. Fourth St. Chas. Benj. Wilkinson, Manager.
• The City Trust, Safe Deposit and Surety Co. Bonds of Suretyship. Trusts. Titles. Office, 1321 Walnut St. Charles M. Swain, President. Franklin Hall, Vice President.
• Robt. Glendinning & Co. Bankers and Stock Brokers. 303 Chestnut St.
• MacRae & Co. Bankers. 333 Chestnut St.
• Narr & Gerlach. Bankers and Brokers. 437 Chestnut St.
• Corn Exchange National Bank. 2nd and Chestnut Sts.
• Western National Bank. 406-408 Chestnut St.
• The Provident Life and Trust Co. 409 Chestnut St.
• Merchants’ National Bank. 108 South 4th St.
• The Investment Company of Philadelphia. 310 Chestnut St.
• Imperial Fire Ins. Co. of London. 411-413 Walnut St.
• The Columbian Bank. 433 Chestnut St.
• Franklin Fire Ins. Co. 421 Walnut St.
• Royal Ins. Co. of Liverpool, London and Lancashire. 306 Walnut St.
• Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. of Newark, N. J. 522 Walnut St. D. A. Keyes, State Agent.
• Girard Fire Ins. Co. Seventh and Chestnut Sts.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:


H-25. City Hall.
M-21. Independence Hall.
N-21. Carpenters’ Hall.
N-21. Custom House.
K-24. Post Office.
I-24. United States Mint.
G-1. League Island Navy Yard.
Z-61. United States Arsenal, Frankford.
D-21. Schuylkill Arsenal.
C-26. University of Pennsylvania.
G-28. Academy of Natural Sciences.
H-27. Academy of Fine Arts.
H-39. School of Design for Women.
I-26. Masonic Temple.
H-24. Union League.
I-22. Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
F-36. Girard College.
I-32. Boys’ Central High School.
G-32. Girls’ Normal School.
L-23. Franklin Institute.
G-41. Wagner Free Institute.
I-32. Spring Garden Institute.
F-35. Eastern Penitentiary.
J-12. Moyamensing Prison.
C-25. Almshouse.
H-22. Deaf and Dumb Institute.
F-29. Blind Asylum.
E-22. Naval Asylum.
F-35. House of Refuge.
E-36. Foster Home.
F-36. Northern Home.
I-18. Southern Home.
G-50. Odd Fellows’ Home.
T-53. Old Ladies’ Home.
C-30. Old Men’s Home.
G-35. Home for Aged Couples.
A-25. Home for Infirm Colored Persons.
C-28. Widows’ and Single Women’s Home.
Forrest Home, Holmesburg.
S-38. Penn’s Treaty Monument.
M-24. Franklin’s Grave.
G-29. Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul.
Q-8. Old Swede’s Church.
P-23. Christ Church.
House of Correction, Holmesburg.


B-36. Zoological Garden.
D-33. Fairmount Water Works.
C-38. Spring Garden Water Works.
B-40. Belmont Water Works.
D-34. Pompeian Views.
A-39. Horticultural Hall.
A-38. Memorial Hall.
A-40. Belmont.
A-36. George’s Hill.
C-35. Lemon Hill.
C-43. Strawberry Mansion.
B-40. Mt. Pleasant.
B-44. Chamounix.
C-36. Grant’s Cabin.
B-37. Penn’s House.
C-35. Observatory.
A-59. Indian Rock.
A-40. Gentlemen’s Driving Park.


M-21. Independence Square.
M-21. Washington Square.
M-27. Franklin Square.
G-24. Rittenhouse Square.
G-29. Logan Square.
N-9. Jefferson Square.
I-13. Passyunk Square.
Q-46. Norris Square.
R-35. Laurel Square.
N-49. Fairhill Square.


C-46. North Laurel Hill.
C-45. Central Laurel Hill.
C-44. South Laurel Hill.
A-46. West Laurel Hill.
C-45. Mount Vernon.
C-46. Mount Peace.
A-15. Mount Moriah.
A-18. Fernwood.
E-42. Glenwood.
C-24. Woodlands.
H-42. Monument.
Q-61. Green Mount.
C-44. German Lutheran.
A-35. Cathedral.
Q-58. New Cathedral.
E-43. Odd Fellows’.
E-43. Mechanics’.
T-57. Bellevue.
S-43. Palmer.
J-48. Fairhill.
F-12. Philadelphia.
G-11. Lebanon.
J-15. Machpelah.
K-13. Lafayette.
J-12. Philanthropic.
K-18. Ronaldson’s.
M-11. Union.
A-50. Lutheran (Roxborough).


H-26. Penna. R. R., Broad St. Station.
R-45. Penna. R. R., Kensington.
H-26. Phila. W. & Balt. R. R. Broad St. Station.
K-33. Phila. & Reading R. R., Ninth and Green.
O-44. Phila. & Reading R. R., Third and Berks.
I-30. Phila. & Reading R. R., 13th and Callowhill.
K-33. Lehigh Valley R. R., Ninth and Green.
E-26. Balt. & Ohio R. R.
Q-21. West Jersey R. R.
Q-19. Phila. & Atlantic City R. R.
Q-26. Camden & Atlantic R. R., Vine St.
S-36. Camden & Atlantic R. R., Shackamaxon St.
Q-21. Market Street Ferry.
Q-26. Vine Street Ferry.
S-36. Shackamaxon St. Ferry.
Q-14. Kaighn’s Point Ferry.
Q-14. Gloucester Ferry.
Q-19. Ridgway Park Ferry.


O-21. First National Bank.
V-61. Second National Bank.
H-26. Third National Bank.
P-16. Sixth National Bank.
N-22. Eighth National Bank.
R-45. Ninth National Bank.
I-41. Tenth National Bank.
N-21. Bank of America.
O-21. Bank of North America.
N-21. Central National Bank.
D-28. Centennial National Bank.
M-24. City National Bank.
N-22. Clearing House.
N-22. Columbian Bank.
O-21. Commercial National Bank.
N-20. Commonwealth National Bank.
O-27. Consolidation National Bank.
P-21. Corn Exchange National Bank.
N-22. Farmers’ and Mechanics’ National Bank.
P-22. First National Bank of Camden.
N-21. Fourth Street National Bank.
O-20. Girard National Bank.
N-22. Independence National Bank.
R-38. Kensington National Bank.
I-24. Keystone National Bank.
O-23. Manufacturers’ National Bank.
A-48. Manayunk Bank.
O-22. Mechanics’ National Bank.
N-21. Merchants’ National Bank.
P-21. National Bank of Commerce.
O-26. National Bank of Northern Liberties.
D-55. National Bank of Germantown.
O-21. National Bank of the Republic.
L-38. National Security Bank.
P-23. National State Bank of Camden.
G-37. Northwestern National Bank.
L-24. Penn National Bank.
N-22. Peoples’ Bank.
N-22. Philadelphia National Bank.
P-20. Produce National Bank.
P-15. Southwark National Bank.
H-21. Southwestern National Bank.
I-32. Spring Garden National Bank.
O-20. Tradesmen’s National Bank.
O-24. Union National Bank.
N-22. Western National Bank.
B-29. West Philadelphia Bank.
O-21. Robert Glendinning & Co.
N-22. Narr & Gerlach.
N-21. Mac Rae & Co.
O-21. L. H. Taylor & Co.


O-21. Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co.
J-22. Western Savings Fund Society.
M-32. Northern Saving Fund and Safe Deposit and Trust Co.
I-24. Beneficial Saving Fund.
N-21. Provident Life and Trust Co.
N-20. Equitable Mortgage Co.
O-21. Philadelphia Investment Co.
I-23. The City Trust, Safe Deposit and Surety Co.
O-20. Pennsylvania Warehousing & Safe Deposit Co.
O-21. Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insurance Co.


O-20. American Fire Ins. Co.
O-19. Commercial Union Fire Association of London.
O-20. Delaware Mutual Safety Ins. Co.
N-20. Franklin Fire Insurance Co.
N-20. German Fire Insurance Co.
L-22. Girard Fire Insurance Co.
N-20. Imperial Fire Ins. Co. of London.
O-20. Ins. Co. of the State of Penna.
N-20. Liverpool and London and Globe Ins. Co.
M-21. Mutual Benefit of Newark.
O-20.Royal Ins. Co. of Liverpool.
N-20. Spring Garden Ins. Co.
M-20. The Penna. Fire Ins. Co.
N-21. U. S. Plate Glass Ins. Co.
N-20. United Firemen’s Ins. Co.
O-20. Union Insurance Co.
K-22. J. Benton Young.
L-22. J. T. Jackson & Co.


A-40. Christ Church Hospital.
C-24. City Hospital.
R-50. Episcopal Hospital.
F-37. German Hospital.
H-29. Hahnemann’s Hospital.
I-61. Jewish Hospital.
J-23. Jefferson College Hospital.
F-45. Municipal Hospital.
S-12. Pt. Airy Sanitarium.
K-20. Pennsylvania Hospital.
A-31. Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane.
B-17. Presbyterian Hospital.
H-37. St. Joseph’s Hospital.
R-42. St. Mary’s Hospital.
C-26. University Hospital.
G-28. Wills’ Eye and Ear Hospital.


G-26. Aldine.
M-22. American.
H-26. Bergen’s.
J-24. Bingham.
H-24. Bellevue.
K-23. Continental.
H-25. Colonnade.
K-24. Commercial.
K-24. Central Avenue.
K-23. Girard.
H-26. Great Western.
L-24. Guy’s.
L-24. Green’s.
K-22. Irving.
H-24. Lafayette.
K-21. Peabody.
Q-22. Ridgway.
H-23. St. George.
O-23. St. Charles.
O-24. St. Elmo.
I-26. Smedley.
H-25. West End.


H-23. Academy of Music.
L-25. Arch Street Theatre.
H-24. Association Hall.
J-26. Arch Street Opera House.
J-24. Chestnut Street Opera House.
I-24. Chestnut Street Theatre.
I-27. Cyclorama, Battle of Gettysburg.
F-26. Cyclorama, Battle of Missionary Ridge.
J-24. Carncross’ Minstrels.
H-41. Casino.
L-27. Forepaugh’s Theatre.
O-32. Germania Theatre.
H-23. Horticultural Hall.
H-29. Industrial Hall.
I-23. McCaull’s Opera House.
K-21. Musical Fund Hall.
K-26. Museum, Ninth and Arch.
Maennerchor Garden.
J-29. National Theatre.
K-22. New Central Theatre.
I-26. St. George’s Hall.
L-23. Temple Theatre.
N-29. Thalia Theatre.
K-22. Walnut Street Theatre.


O-22. Henry Schmidt.
E-24. Tracey & Co.
C-46. J. & J. Dobson.
R-48. Firth & Foster Bros.
F-22. Richard Kershaw & Co.
M-42. Thos. A. Pearce.
M-42. Thos. Beardwood & Bro.
Q-51. Hoyle, Harrison & Kaye.
K-49. Craven & Dearnley.
D-56. Thos. Spencer & Co.
A-48. R. H. Patton.
F-19. Geo. Campbell & Co.
U-53. John Blood & Bro.
A-33. Geo. Brooks & Son.
A-32. Edward Ridgway.
G-32. J. C. Graham.
Q-51. Joseph Hanson.
S-51. Thos. Dawson & Co.
N-50. Stead & Miller.
R-38. Morse, Williams & Co.
Q-50. John G. Carruth.
O-47. Camm & Thomas.
A-48. Hutchinson & Ogden.
J-41. Jas. S. Cochran.
E-34. Clough & Carson.
N-25. Nye & Tredick.
S-49. W. H. Lorimer’s Sons.
P-21. John H. Lorimer.


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