Historic Map - Tell City, IN - 1870

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View of Tell City, Perry County, Indiana : Praemie zum Tell City Anzeiger / A. Hinnen.

Reproduction historic map of Tell City, Indiana, published in 1870. The land for Tell City was purchased in 1857 by a group of Swiss-German immigrants known as the "Swiss Colonization Society". The land that was purchased met the criteria of the group which was fertile soil, good water, ample timber and healthful climate. Also necessary was a nearby navigable river and railroad. The town was named for the famous Swiss hero, William Tell.

Detailed illustrations of the following buildings appear in the upper and lower margins of the map:

St. Paul's Church.St. Paul's Church.
Residence of Ferd. Becker.
Residence of B. Wichser.
Turner Hall, W. Hoffmann.
Public Schools.
Drug Store and Residence, A. Schreiber.
Residence of M. Bettinger.
Residence of F. Steiner.
Evangelical Church.
Tell City Furniture Co., J. G. Harrer, Agent.
Cabinet Makers Union, Geo. Hedderich, Agent.
Wagon Factory, Herrmann & Bro.
Tell City Anzeiger, G. F. Bott.
John Baumgaertner, Wharfboat Proprietor & Commission Merchant.
Odd Fellow's Hall.
Chair Factory, Combs, Hartmann & Co.
Chair Makers Union, F. Kaelin, Agent.
Southwestern Furniture Association, F. Sedletzky, Agent.