Historic Map - Vicksburg, MS - 1863

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View of Vicksburg and plan of the canal, fortifications & vicinity Surveyed by Lieut. L. A. Wrotnowski, Top: Engr. Drawn & lithogd. by A. F. Wrotnowski


Reproduction map of Vicksburg, Mississippi published in 1863. Officially incorporated in 1825, Vicksburg was named after Methodist minister, Newitt Vick, a conscientious objector during the American Revolutionary War.

This map was published the year of the "Siege of Vicksburg" and the subsequent surrender of Vicksburg by Confederate General John C. Pemberton on July 4th, 1863. This event, combined with General Robert E. Lee's defeat at Gettysburg the preceding day, is considered to mark the turning point in the Civil War.

The map features a highly detailed overhead view with extensive labeling, including references to fleets present in the waterways. The upper margin features an illustrated vignette of the city, with references to the Court House, a Hospital and a Rebel Camp.