Historic Map - Virginia City, NV - 1861

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Virginia City, Nevada Territory, 1861 / drawn from nature by Grafton T. Brown ; C.C. Kuchel, lith.

Virginia City was one of the earliest settlements in Nevada, born during the silver mining boom. In 1961, the town was placed on the register of National Historic Places, making it the largest historic landmark in the country. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Wells Fargo
  2. Assay Office
  3. H.S. Beck Hardware Store
  4. Fords Exchange
  5. Recorders Office, CEO E. Bricket, Recorder & Commissioner for Utah
  6. Thos. J. Taylor, Groceries, Provisions & Liquors
  7. J. Drake's Carpenter Shop
  8. Office of the Territorial Enterprise, J. Williams & Co.
  9. Residence of M.H. Bryan
  10. Cigars, Tobacco, Stationary & Fancy Foods, S. Bloomfield & Co.
  11. Louis Feusier; Dealer of Flour, Oats, Barley, Potatoes, Rice, Sugar, Butter & Ham
  12. Flora Temple Livery, J.H. Gardiner.
  13. Tunnel of the Mt. Davidson G. & S. Mining Co.
  14. Blacksmithing & Wagon Shop, Willard & Eells, Prs.
  15. Moore Pavilion, John L. Moore, Pr.
  16. Residence of Jno. A. Collins.
  17. Beyreuthers Building - Pioneer Drug Store, Dr. E. Smith ; Langtons Pioneer Express, Nelson W. Winton, Agent
  18. Residences of L. Hermann, G. Maldonada
  19. Black & Howell, Provisions, Hardware, Groceries & Liquors
  20. A. Fleishacker & Co.
  21. International Hotel, Paul Bateman, Proprietors
  22. Old Corner Wines, Liquors & Co., 12 Cents; John Piper, Pr.
  23. Atwill & Cos. Mining Agency, Real Estate Auctioneers
  24. Virginia Saloon; M. Crosetta & Co.
  25. Edwards, Hughes & Co., Hardware, Stoves & Tin-Ware
  26. Collins & Darling Blacksmithing
  27. Gaylord's Building
  28. Billet & Ferris, Mining Agents & Searcher of Records
  29. Kelly, Mott & Co., Hardware, Stoves & Tin-Ware
  30. Fulton Market, B.F. Horche, Pr.

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