Historic Map ��������� Washington, DC - 1884

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View of Washington, D.C., 1884 / drawn & published by A. Sachse.

This bird’s-eye view print of Washington, DC was drawn by Adolph Sachse and published by A. Sachse & Co. in 1884. Washington DC was a growing capital city along the Potomac River in the 1880's. Washington City’s town booster of 1883-84 states:

 “Washington, the seat of Government of the United States, is situated upon the Potomac, at the head of tide water and navigation, at the confluence of the Anacostia. The Potomac is the broadest river in the Union, and one of the most beautiful. At its mouth it is 7 ½ miles wide, at Washington its width in 1 ¼; while the Anacostia at its mouth is about as wide as the main stream. A grand natural amphitheatre is formed by a chain of low wooded hills encircling the city on the east, north, and west, the sides and tops of which afford commanding views.
  The site is one of the most beautiful in the Union, and admirably adapted to manufactures and commerce. But owing to the immediate vicinity of Baltimore and Alexandria, and the official gifts of the Government, the attention of the inhabitants has never turned toward the great natural advantages of the position for business enterprises. The city is contemporaneous with the Capitol.
  Thousands visit Washington every year for pleasure. Some for a short trip, and others for a brief residence. Tens of thousands come to Washington having business with the Departments, the Courts, or Congress. Of the pleasure seekers, the many who make but brief visits, see everything. And there is no city in this country where a week of sight seeing is more satisfactory. The visitor from any of the other cities of the Union is surprised and delighted when he strolls through the broad avenues lined with living green, rests his eyes on the parks and circles, and observes the high culture and artistic arrangement of the parks and gardens.
  The park south of the Avenue is larger, more varied, better cultivated, and more beautiful and interesting than any park in the country. There are the Propagating, Agricultural, and Botanical gardens, with a wonderful variety of trees and plants to attract the eye and interest the mind. Beside these are the Lafayette, Lincoln, Mount Vernon, and Franklin squares, the numerous circles, cultivated and kept with a taste and care absolutely unknown outside of Washington. In climate it is a midway city. It is equally attractive to the people of the South and North, and being near the ocean makes it attractive to Western people. The winters are milder, the spring earlier, and the summer months cooler than in New York City. The streets and avenues, being wider and the houses mostly separated from each other, afford an opening for every breeze. There are over 120 miles of shade trees in the streets, and the streets mostly laid in concrete pavement. Washington affords a delightful residence for at least ten months in the year, and no place can excel its charming spring or fall months.
  For persons fond of society or intellectual amusements or pursuits, it affords a pleasant home. The session of Congress, the residence here for a large part of the year of all the Supreme Court Judges, the Foreign Diplomats, the Heads of Departments, all necessarily highly educated and able men, the Army and Naval officers, the scientific officers of different departments, the retired officers, all make up an attractive society. Information from every part of the country and of the world is at hand. The libraries are complete. Social enjoyment is the aim of all. Every one who is himself companionable can enter society freely.”

The map includes buildings, labeled streets, railroad and shipping routes. Waterfront activity is displayed in the foreground. There are featured illustrations of the following:

• B. & O. Railroad advert
• Abner’s Restaurant, Summer Garden and Music Hall.
• Interior view of Grogan’s Mammoth Furniture and Carpet Installment House.
• Lincoln Hall Building.
• Harris House.
• Star Building.
• Main Office of J. Maury Dove, Coal and Wood Dealers.
• Real Estate Office of Robert O. Holtzman.
• The Daily Post Building.
• Iron Foundry of E. N. Gray & Co.
• The Ebbitt House.
• Real Estate Office of Thomas E. Waggaman.
• Real Estate and Insurance Office of Tyler & Rutherford.
• Office of the Firemen’s Insurance Company.
• Norris Patent Office.
• Chr. Heurich’s Lager Beer Brewery.
• Office of the Washington Beneficial Endowment Association.
• National Files Cabinet.

Code Referenced Locations Include:


B. H. Warner.
Tyler & Rutherford.
J. V. N. Huyck.
J. W. P. Myers.
Thos. J. Fisher & Co.
Swormstedt & Bradley.
Fitch, Fox & Brown.
Thos. J. Myers.
Bishop & Hall.
Charles H. Parker.
Duncanson Bros.
Thos. E. Waggaman.
W. F. Holtzman.
A. S. Pratt & Son.
Frederick Koones.
Aug. A. Nicholson.
R. D. Ruffin.
John Sherman & Co.
William E. Burford.
E. B. Cottrell.
John A. Prescott.
Steiger & Liebermann.
A. S. Caywood.
Robt. A. Phillips.
Thomas D. Bond.
Parker & Townsend.
L. M. Saunders & Bro.
Robert O. Holtzman.
Boardman & Gordon.
Mitchell’s Bureau of Exchange.
E. W. Whitaker.


T. H. Alexander.
Edson Brothers.
E. D. Wright.
C. M. Alexander.
J. H. Adriaans.
James L. Norris.
A. E. L. Keese.
Curtis & Burdett.
Joyce & Spear.
Munn & Co.
Geo. E. Lemon.
Chas. J. Gooch.
Kimball & Childs.
G. W. Balloch.


Harry C. Towers & Co.
Bell & Co.
A. E. Bateman.
H. H. Dodge.
L. E. Middleton.
F. H. Paine.


Spencerian Business College.


Washington Steamboat Company.
Inland and Seaboard Coasting Company.
Mount Vernon Line.
Potomac Steamboat Company.


Columbia Fire Ins. Co. of D. C.
Equitable Life Insurance Co.
Washington Beneficial Endowment Association.
A. S. Pratt & Son.
Firemen’s Insurance Company.
Corcoran Fire Insurance Company.
B. L. Blackford.
Franklin Insurance Company.


The Ebbitt House.
The Howard.
Chr. Xander, Wines and Liquors.
Chas. Mades’ Hotel and Restaurant.
St. James Hotel.
Harvey’s Oyster and Dining Saloons.
United States Hotel.
Harris House.
Ed. Abner Restaurant, Summer Garden, Music Hall and Ball Room.


E. N. Gray & Co.
Pettit & Dripps’ Iron Works.
Washington Brass Works.
Whyte & Overman Works.
Jno. T. Springmann.


Chr. Heurich’s Lager Beer Brewery.
Robert Portner Brewing Company.
John Guethler Navy Yard Brewery.
The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co.


Herrmann’s Bottling Establishment.
C. B. Shafer Mineral Waters.
James Butler.
Samuel C. Palmer Soda and Mineral Water.


J. Maury Dove.
Johnson Brothers.
Arthur B. Smith.
Z. Williams & Son.
Jas. E. Miller & Co.
Wm. H. Richards & Co.
Elia Chelini.
Walter H. Marlow.


Thos. W. Smith.
T. B. Cross, Jr.
John W. Shiles & Son.
Kerby & Clark.
Grayson & Cain.
James F. Barbour & Co.
Geo. M. Barker.


William Coleman.
John H. Small & Sons.


The Evening Star, The Weekly Star.
The Evening Critic.
Washington Chronicle.
The Washington Post.
The Washington World and Citizen Soldier.
Washington Journal.


Windsor & Ford.
Martin & Bro.
John E. Herrell & Co.
James H. Richards.
A. Richards & Co.


Independent Ice Company.
Rich & Co.
Great Falls Ice Company.
John Biemiller.

Andrew J. Joyce.
Wm. Sauter.


Knox’s Express.
Wm. P. Young, Real Estate Broker.
Henry Orth, Patent Agent.
Wharfage Storage and Stevedoring.
The Barber Asphalt Paving Co.
H. L. Cranford, Contractor.
Alderney Dairies Depot.
Clem & Morse Passenger and Freight Elevators.
Uroscopia German Medical Office.
Jno. F. Ellis & Co., Music.
Excelsior Dairy.
Geo. M. Barker, Building Materials.
Peter Grogan, Furniture and Carpets.
Thos. M. Steep, General Contractor.
S. C. McDowell’s Grain Elevator and Steam Mill.
Gopsill’s Phila. Business Directory.
Ira Godfrey, Jr., Swiss Laundry.
Devlin & Co., Merchant Tailors.
George Wagner, Gents Boots and Shoes.
Edmonston & Co., Boots and Shoes.
J. D. Free, Jr., Books and Stationery.
H. B. Polkinhorn, Stationer and News Dealer.
Boyd’s Directory of the District of Columbia.
Eaton & Harrison, Millinery.
Hooe Bros. & Co., Dry Goods.
John H. Garges & Son, Livery, Hiring and Hack Stables.
E. Burgdorf, Livery and Sale Stables.
James L. Kervand, Lithographer, Engraver and Printer.
B. F. Harvey, Hats and Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Mrs. M. J. Hunt, Millinery.
Barbour & Hamilton, Groceries, Wines and Liquors.
Frank Hume, Grocer and Liquor Dealer.
J. F. Page, Grocer.
M. J. Wine, Office Furniture.
Columbia Lime Works, Cammack & Decker.
Woodruff’s File Holder.
T. B. Stumph, Mattress Factory.
Memmert & Co., Soap Works.
John Cumberland, Boat Builder.


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