Historic Map - Washington, DC - 1885

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View of Washington, D.C., 1885 / drawn & published by A Sachse & Co.

This panoramic print of Washington, DC was drawn and published by A. Sachse & Co. around 1885. Our nation’s capital city was first organized in the late 1700's along the Potomac River. The Virginia portion of the designated capital was given back to that state in the 1840's.

Washington DC’s Capitol Building was expanded in the 1850s with a new dome designed by Thomas U. Walter. The new dome and other additions designed by Walter improved and modernized the building. Washington Monument was finally completed in 1884 and dedicated before a crowd of thousands in 1885.

The map shows the Capitol building in the foreground with Washington Monument and Potomac River in the distance. There are featured border illustrations of the following:

  • U. S. Capital, east front.
  • U. S. Senate Chamber.
  • House of Representatives.
  • U. S. Patent Office.
  • U. S. Treasury
  • The First Inauguration.
  • State, War & Navy Department.
  • Soldiers Home.
  • Arlington Mansion.
  • Mount Vernon.
  • Equestrian Statue of Washington.
  • Equestrian Statue of Jackson.
  • Insane Asylum.
  • Corcoran Art Gallery.
  • The Last Inauguration.
  • Agriculture Department.
  • National Museum.
  • Smithsonian Institute.
  • U. S. General Post Office.
  • President’s Mansion (White House).