Historic Railroad Map of Connecticut - 1893

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This Railroad Map of Connecticut was prepared in 1893 by S. D. Tilden for the Connecticut Railroad Commissioners.

During the era that this map was drawn, Hartford, Connecticut was home to the Pope Manufacturing Company, which was a top producer of bicycles under the Columbia brand. In 1893 the Pope Company's new pneumatic tire made their Columbia bicycle models #31, 32 and 33 the leading sellers. This tire technology also propelled the firm through their years making automobiles. The company began to manufacture electric automobiles in 1896 and later motorcycles and motorpeds.

This map shows Connecticut and vicinity. Included are cities, towns, and railroad stations.

Exhibits the following Connecticut railroad lines:

New York, N.H. & HFD. R.R. System
Phil., Reading & N.E. R.R. System
N.Y. & New England R.R. System
New London Northern R.R. System

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