Historic Railroad Map of Michigan - 1848

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Railroads in Michigan, with steamboat routes on the Great Lakes.

This map drawn and engraved in 1848 by John Doggett, for Doggett's Railroad Guide & Gazetteer, shows the main line from Detroit to Kalamazoo and from Munroe to Hillsdale.

Hundreds of factories made Detroit a major American manufacturing center during the 1800's. Stoves, boilers, furniture, paper, clothing, boots and shoes, candy, crackers and beer were manufactured in Detroit along with freight and passenger railroad cars.

Detroit’s streets were traversed by convenient street railways. The streets themselves were paved with mostly cedar blocks, which were gradually being replaced with asphalt.

Detroit’s harbor was clustered with wharves that extended out over the water for easy loading of freight vessels and passenger steamships.

Kalamazoo was settled amid the tributary waters of the Kalamazoo River in the 1830's. The village was well known for its quality vegetable crops. Paper was produced at a mill along Portage Creek. Kalamazoo maintained a thriving windmill-making industry.

Monroe was a major farming center and railroad hub of the Lake Erie region in the late 1800's. The Michigan Southern Railroad began serving the community in the 1840's. During the American Civil War many new branches of Michigan’s railroad system were added, and with Monroe’s location along the lake and half-way between Toledo and Detroit, much railroad activity occurred here.

Hillsdale’s location bordering Toledo, Ohio made it an important transportation connection for Michigan manufactures in the mid-1800's.

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