Historic Railroad Map of Nebraska - 1886

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Map of Nebraska published by the Burlington Route 1886, compiled from the official records of the government and railroad offices.

Nebraska became the 37th state in 1867. Nebraska drew in many settlers in the 1870's and 1880's as railroads busily criss-crossed the state. Nebraska railroads were well funded during this period.

Nebraska received many of the benefits of the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. The railroads had proved themselves effective during wartime efforts. By expanding railroads in the west the government expected to bolster the Union.

Following the Act, work began on a trans-continental railroad that would connect Council Bluffs, Iowa with San Francisco Bay. Council Bluffs, on the Missouri River, was a major stepping stone to several west bound trails.

The Union Pacific Railroad began its westbound construction from Omaha in 1866.

This township and county map of Nebraska was published in 1886 by F. Hirschfield. It shows drainage, cities and towns, Indian and military reservations, land districts, and clearly labeled railroad system.

Features references to land districts:

Dakota Land District.
Omaha Land District.
Grand Island Land District.
Western Land District.
South Platte Land District.
Nemaha Land District.
Republican Valley.
Hitchcock Land District.
Minnekadusa Land District.

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