Historic Railroad Map of Utah - 1876

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Indexed Map of Utah with a new and original compilation and index.

Ogden is comfortably situated between Salt Lake City, south of town, and Brigham City to the north. Ogden was about a half-day’s ride from either town. It remained an agricultural community until the late 1860's when several railroad lines began establishing termini there. From that point, Ogden became an important center for railroads such as the Union Pacific Railroad, the Central Pacific Railroad and the Utah Central Railroad, which linked with Brigham City.

Salt Lake City was finally reached, via a connecting route, by the Transcontinental Railroad in 1870.

An 1875 Salt Lake City town booster states:

“Salt Lake City, the metropolis of Utah, has a population of about 30,000 inhabitants. Publishes ten Newspapers (two daily), has several Banking Institutions, and numerous Stores and Warehouses, wholesale and retail. Its Manufactories comprise Woolen Mills, Paper Mills, Tanneries, Foundries, R. R. Machine Shops, Flouring Mills, Sampling, Smelting, and Refining Works; Cracker, Soap, Salt, Cabinet, and Pail Factories; and Breweries. It has ten Educational Institutions, seven Churches, and several Benevolent, Musical, Social, and Secret Societies. The city is divided into twenty wards, of nine blocks each, and every ward has its hall for public purposes, assembly rooms, schools, meetings, etc. The public improvements are Street Railways, Gas Works, Irrigation Canals, Warm Spring Bath Houses, etc.

Salt Lake City, 4,300 ft. above the sea level, situated at the Southern end of the Great Salt Lake Basin, in an angle of the Wasatch Mountains, settled by the Mormons in 1849. The first Rail Road was built in 1869; there are now three Rail Roads in operation."

This map was published in 1876 by Rand, McNally & Co. It shows relief, drainage, cities, towns, roads, and clearly labeled railroad network.

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