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Historic Map - Mt. Clemens, MI - 1881

View of Mt. Clemens, Macomb County, M.I., 1881 / drawn & published by J. J. Stoner.

This panoramic view print of Mt. Clemens, Michigan was drawn and published by J. J. Stoner, Beck & Pauli Lith. in 1881. Mount Clemens was settled in the early 1800's northeast of Detroit near Lake St. Clair.

Mount Clemens later became a health resort destination that was accessed by way of the Grand Trunk Railroad. The map advertising the benefits of the healthful community states: “Mount Clemens, is fast becoming celebrated for its Medicinal Spring. Thousands of people come here from all parts of the country, to bath in its health giving water, and it is proved by accurately kept statistics that 90 per cent of the visitors are greatly benefited and at least 50 per cent permanently cured. All forms of rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica and paralysis, are cured here, while the water sold by the druggist is becoming famous for the cure of kidney complaints, dyspepsia, liver complaints, catarrh and chronic diarrhea. All forms of blood and skin diseases yield readily to the use of the water and baths. The hotels have a capacity for 500 guests and private boarding houses accommodate as many more.”

The map, looking north west, includes labeled streets, buildings, waterways and railroad route. It features illustrations of the following:

• Avery House. J. F. & L. B. Avery, Proprietors.
• Palace Pharmacy. Telephone Exchange & Telegraph Office.
• Sherman House. H. Conner, Proprietor.
• Central Park House. L. Schoman, Proprietor.

Features references to the following locations:

Court House.
Union Schools.
Catholic School.
Turner Hall.
Grove Park.
G. T. R. R. Depot.
Opera House.


Avery House, J. F. & L. B. Avery, Proprietors.
Sherman House, H. Conner, Proprietor.
Central Park House, L. Schoman, Proprietor.
Detroit House, J. Mordhorst, Proprietor.
Clifton House, J. E. Brehler, Owner.
Deutsches Gasthaus, Mrs. J. Hemman, Proprietor.


Sash and Blind Factory, Lewis Brehler & Co.
Saw Mill & Lumber Yard, Hall & Shook.
Mt. Clemens City Flouring Mills, Wm. Fluemer.
Sash and Blind Factory, Kendrick & Allor.
Staves Heading Factory, Snook & Robinson.
Wag. Carriage and Plow Mfg. and Castings, Donaldson Bros.
Wagon and Carriage Factory, J. Koehler.
Wagon and Carriage Factory, J. Dankers.
Tannery, Van Eps & Co.
Clinton River Brewery, A. Biewer.
Cigar Mfg., A. Kimmritz.


Red Front Livery Stable, Walnut St. rear Opera House, J. F. Brennan.


Republican, W. N. Miller, Editor, 211 Front Street.
Monitor, J. E. Nellis & Son, Editors, 120 Court Street.
Mt. Clemens Press, S. B. Russell, Editor, 101 Shelby St.


R. Catholic.


N. J. Gibbs, Architect, 114 Court Street.
J. B. Eldredge, Attorney.
Geo. M. Crocker, Attorney, 209 Front Street.
Edgar Weeks, Attorney, 116 Court Street.
Crocker & Hutchins, Attorneys, Flat Iron Block.
H. Taylor, Physician and Surgeon, 214 Pearl Street.
V. Gardner, Physician and Surgeon, 204 Pearl Street.
J. E. Hutchins, Dental Parlor, 101 Shelby Street.
M. W. Smith, Opera House Dental Parlor, 108 Court St.


Lumber Yard, Lonsby Bros.
Furniture and Undertakers, R. Shook, 105 Shelby Street.
Boots and Shoes, F. M. Sackett, 103 Shelby Street.
Groceries and Crockery, G. R. Law, 112 Court Street.
Harness, Boots, Shoes and Leather, Van Eps & Co., 118 Court Street.
Drugs and Toilet Articles, H. W. Babcock, 120 Court St.
Drugs and Toilet Articles, Theo. Moser, 207 Front Street.
Crane’s Palace Drugs Store, Flat Iron Block.
Dry Goods, etc., Brehler & Dezrel, 106 Macomb Street.
Mt. Clemens Savings Bank, 108 Court Street.
Hardware, Stoves, etc., Grittenden & Posner, 202 Pearl Street.
Hardware, Stoves, etc., S. S. Gale, 116 Court Street.
Groceries & Shipper of Produce, J. W. Shook, 110 Macomb Street.
Meat Market, John Roskopp, 114 Macomb Street.
Meat Market, A. Pringnitz, 213 Pearl Street.
Jewelry, F. H. Bentley, 208 Pearl Street.
Dry Goods, etc., Paul Ullrich & Co., 132 Court Street.
Dry Goods and Groceries, W. Heine, 330 and 332 Front Street.
Books, Stationery and News, J. H. & G. H. Snook, 211 Front Street.
Insurance and Sewing Machines, R. R. Oesterreich, 101 Shelby Street.
Groceries and Provisions, Wm. Hart, 322 Front Street.
Groceries, Flour and Feed, Robert Jean, 117 Shelby St.
Mt. Clemens Bottling Works, J. Roessel, Shelby Street.
Saloon and Restaurant, David Peltier, 214 Front St.
Restaurant and Confectionery and Ice Cream, M. R. Hunt, 302 Front Street.
City Truck No. 1, J. F. Diehl.
Historic Map – Mt. Clemens, MI - 1881

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