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Historical Map of the United States and Mexico - 1819

A Map of Mexico, Louisiana, and the Missouri Territory.

This informative map was published in 1819; the year that the Adams-Onis Treaty was signed. The treaty began the redefining of the borders of the United States and Mexico.

The timely act was inspired by then Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. It paved the way for a two year discussion between the U.S. government and Spain’s minister Luis de Onis to redefine the disputed boundaries that were earlier acquired with the Louisiana Purchase.

As a result of the treaty, the United States gained control of the Florida and Oregon territories, and the boundaries of New Spain were redefined.

The relief map was drawn by John Hamilton Robinson and published by John Narstin in 1819.

John Robinson, MD, was a member of the Military Philosophical Society of America, a member of the Western Museum Society of Cincinnati, and Brigadier General in the Republican armies of Mexico.

The map also shows Mississippi, Alabama Territory, East and West Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and part of Cuba. Included are notes, illustrations, and tables of coordinates and other statistical information.

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