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Historic Map - San Francisco, CA - 1846

View of San Francisco, formerly Yerba Buena, in 1846-7 before the discovery of gold.

The city of San Francisco was incorporated in 1850, and later grew to become one of the most famous cities in the US. This map was produced 3 years before the California Gold Rush, which saw the city's population increase from 1,000 to 25,000 over the course of a year. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

A- U.S.S. "Portsmouth."
B- U.S. Transports Ships, "Loo Choo," "Susan Drew" and "Thomas H. Perkins."
      They brought the 1st Regiment of New York Vols., Col. J.D. Stevenson commanding.
C- Ship "Vandalia" - merchantman consigned to Howard & Mellus.
D- Coasting Schooner
E- Launch "Luce" belonging to James Lick.
    1- Custom House.
    2- Calaboose.
    3- School House.
    4- Alcalde's Office.
    5- City Hotel owned by Wm. A. Leidesdorff.
    6- Portsmouth Hotel.
    7- Wm. H. Davis' Store.
    8- Howard & Mellus Store. The old Hudson Bay Co's building.
    9- W. A. Leidesdorff's Warehouse.
  10- Samuel Brannan's Residence.
  11- W.A. Leidesdorff's Cottage.
  12- First Residence of the Russ family.
  13- John Sullivan's Residence.
  14- Peter T. Sherback's do.
  15- Juan C. Davis' do.
  16- G. Reynold's do.
  17- A.J. Ellis Boarding House.
  18- Fitch & McKurley's building.
  19- Capt. Vioget's Residence.
  20- John Fuller's Residence.
  21- Jesus. Noe's do.
  22- Juan N. Pidilla's do.
  23- A.A. Andrew's do.
  24- Capt. Antonio Ortega's Residence.
  25- Francisco Cacerez's Residence.
  26- Capt. Wm. Hinckley's do.
  27- Gen. M.G. Vallejo's building.
  28- C.L. Ross' building.
  29- Mill.
  30- Capt. John Paty's Adobe building.
  31- Doctor E.P. Jones' Residence.
  32- Robert Ridley's Residence.
  33- Los Pechos de la' Choco.
  34- Lone Mountain.
  35- Sill's Blacksmith Shop.
         → Trail to Presido.
         ← Trail to Mission Dolores.

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