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Historic Map - United States - 1785

The United States of North America, with the British & Spanish territories according to the treaty of 1784. Engrav'd by Wm. Faden.

This gorgeous map of the United States was originally produced circa 1785, by William Faden.  


River St. Croix is laid down in its true position and according to Captain Holland's Surveys made in 1773 & 1774. D'Anville in his Map of Canada Louifiane, et Terres Angloifes Publish'd in 1775 gives the name of River St. Croix to Kaouakoufaki River; and Green in his Map of Nova Scotia & Cape Britain, Publish'd also in 1775, makes but one of the two Rivers Pafsamaquaddy and St. Croix. This difference between the two Maps has been the occasion of a very Capital error, namely, that there were two Rivers St. Croix, one called West St. Croix & the other East St. Croix.
Historic Map of the United States - 1785

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All reproduction prints are printed as "museum quality", using advanced ink formulas and durable museum quality paper.  The reproduction prints reflect the state of repair of the original conserved document. Stains and imperfections reflected in the original map at the time it was collected for conservation are left un-retouched, as they reflect the character and charm of the vintage original. Some major imperfections, such as dark fold lines have been removed when possible.  Maps are printed as ordered and are not returnable unless received damaged.
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