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Historic Map - California State Map - 1888

The unique map of California.

Before the first European explorers arrived in what it now California, the area was one of the most culturally diverse places in North America, inhabited my more than 70 different Native American tribes. After the arrival of Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho in 1542, the area was claimed for the Spanish Empire. In 1602, the region was further explored and the coast was mapped New Spain. In 1821, the Mexican War of Independence gave the area to Mexico.

In the 1820's, the area saw an influx of traders and settlers from the US and Canada. In 1846, the settlers staged a revolt against Mexican rule, dubbed the Bear Flag Revolt, and formed the Republic of California. The republic did not last long however, as the Mexican-American War started 22 days later. American forces occupied the area, and in 1847 the Californios gave control to America with the Treaty of Cahuenga. After the war, the land was divided between the United States and Mexico, giving America the territory that was to become California, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Mexico retained Baha California.

The California Gold Rush started 40 years later, and the territory boomed. The state has become the most populated state in the United States. This beautiful map provides a look back to the early days of the state.

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All reproduction prints are printed as "museum quality", using advanced ink formulas and durable museum quality paper.  The reproduction prints reflect the state of repair of the original conserved document. Stains and imperfections reflected in the original map at the time it was collected for conservation are left un-retouched, as they reflect the character and charm of the vintage original. Some major imperfections, such as dark fold lines have been removed when possible.  Maps are printed as ordered and are not returnable unless received damaged.
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