Historic Map - Davenport, IA - 1888

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View of Davenport, Scott County, I.A., 1888 / drawn & published by H. Wellge.

This bird’s-eye view print of Davenport, Iowa was drawn by Henry Wellge and published by American Publishing Co. in 1888. Davenport maintained as an ambitious riverboat port until the mid-1800's when the Rock Island Railroad erected a railway bridge at that point across the Mississippi River. This connected Davenport with Rock Island and Moline, Illinois. The towns worked closely as the “Three Cities” until Bettendorf was established just north of Davenport. The towns then became known as, the now familiar, “Quad Cities”, with common economic interests of agriculture and agricultural equipment manufacture.

Davenport was a major grain shipping center where some of the largest elevators in Iowa were constructed. Some grain was processed in Davenport, but trainloads of wheat, corn, oats and barley were shipped to mills beyond. In the 1880s an important streetcar system was installed connecting the communities of Davenport, Moline and Rock Island.

The map includes bridge, buildings, labeled streets and railroad routes. Riverboat and barge activity is displayed in the foreground with featured steamer “Golden Gate”.
There are featured inset illustrations of the following:

• Davenport Syrup Refinery.
• View of U. S. Arsenal and the Three Cities.
• Chr. Mueller’s Saw & Planing Mills.
• Kimball House.
• Court House.

Coded Refence Locations Include:

• Kimball House. F. J. Crank, Manager.
• St. James Hotel.
• E. W. Randall, Commercial House.
• Emerson & Co. The Fair.
• H. L. De Battie, La Clede House.
• Davenport Cigar Box Co.
• Davenport Lumber Co. Saw Mill & Lumber Yards.
• Chas. Naeckel & Son. Paints, Oils, etc.
• Chas Berwald.
• Heinz & Hirschl, Lawyers.
• Chr. Mueller, Saw Mill & Lumber Yards.
• Ferd. Reddewig Sons, Wines & Liquors.
• Masons Carriage Works.
• Lindsay & Phelps. Manufacturers and Dealers in Gang Sawed Lumber.
• T. W. M’Clelland & Co. Sash, Doors & Blinds.
• J. S. H. Polman, Steamer “Golden Gate”.
• Davenport Foundry & Machine Co.
• H. Bremer & Son. Manufacturers of Kiln Dried Cooperage of all kinds.
• Sieg Iron Co.
• J. C. Wallace, Music Dealer.
• G. H. Young, Awnings & Tents.
• Henry Reis, Watchmaker.
• L. French, M. D.
• E. H. Whitcomb. Federal Life Association.
• P. B. Harding, Agricultural Implements.
• F. Stroh, Butcher Shop.
• Otto Albrecht & Co. Cigars & Tobaccos.
• M. Frahm & Son. City Brewery.
• August Steffen, Dry Goods, Millinery & Notions.
• Thompson & Bahls, Merchant Tailor.

• Davenport Glucose Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of Table Syrups.
• Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers, Printers & Blank Book Manufacturers.
• Kimball House Livery Stable. T. H. Maas, Proprietor.
• Kniegge & Hartung, Cigar Manufacturers.
• S. P. Bryant & Co.
• Van Pattan & Marks.
• Haase Bros. Wholesale Liquors.
• P. F. Collier, Publisher of Books. “Collier’s Once A Week”.
• Peter Lamp Iron Co. Wholesale Iron & Steel.
• Eagle Brewery. J. Lage & Co.
• Citizens National Bank.
• German Savings Bank.
• Davenport Savings Bank.
• First National Bank.
• Davenport Town Lot Co.
• J. M. Parker, Jr., M. D.
• Peutzer Bros. and Myers, Real Estate.
• J. S. Wylic, Wholesale and Retail Coal.
• Davenport National Bank.
• Scott County Savings Bank.
• Nicholas Kuhnen.
• J. P. Thee, Meat Market.
• Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann Lumber.
• Thos. McCullough’s Sons.
• Roddewig Schmidt Cracker Co. Fine Crackers and Candies.
• Eagle Mfg. Co.
• Davenport Gas Light Co.
• Red Jacket Pump Co.

• Davenport Central Electric Railway.
• J. S. Foley, Magazine Mfr.
• Jas. McIntyre, Davenport Branch of The Emerson & Fisch Co.
• Finch & Haywood, Grain.
• W. C. Putnam, Attorney at Law.
• Chas Hill Furniture Dealer.
• Isaac Rothschild. Popular One Price Clothier and Merchant Tailor.
• H. B. Pohlmann, Brick Yard.
• Davis & Camp, Granite and Marble.
• C. Cruys & Son.
• Bettendorf Metal Wheel Co.
• Wm. O. Kulp, D. D. S.
• James Cameron, Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter.
• D. H. Hartude, Insurance Agent.
• Iowa Commercial College.
• Steams Paint Mfg. Co.
• J. S. Conner, Books and Stationery.
• Bryton & Son, Coal and Wood.
• Reynolds & Gifford, Hardware, Paints and Oils.
• Becker Brothers, Turner Hall.
• Grupe & Murray. Davenport Boiler Works.
• John Forrest, Forrest Block.
• Hinchers Park.
• City Park.
• Washington Park.
• Public Library.
• City Hall.
• Opera House. W. H. Fluke, Manager.
• Masonic Temple.
• Police Station.
• Washington Square.
• Lafayette Square.
• Turner Hall.
• Marcy Hospital.
• C. R. I. & P. Freight Depot.
• C. R. I. & P. Passenger Depot.
• C. M. & St. P. Passenger Depot.
• Huebingers Art Gallery.
• Court House.
• Public School No. 4.
• St. Ambrose Seminary.
• Public School No. 10.
• Answold College
• High School.
• St. Catharines Hall
• Public School No. 1.
• Public School No. 2.
• Immaculate Conception Academy.
• Public School No. 8.
• Public School No. 5.
• Der Demokrat.
• Davenport Daily Times.
• Davenport Daily Tribune.
• Davenport Democrat Gazette.
• Hawkeye Electric Mfg. Co. C. M. & St. P. Freight Agent, J. H. Holcomb.
• Bramer Mfg. Co.
• Davenport Water Co.
• S. R. Grabb.
• Lutheran Church.
• German Luth. Church.
• Presbyterian Chapel.
• Episcopal Cathedral.
• Methodist Church.
• Congregational Church.
• Unitarian Church.
• Presbyterian Church.
• Trinity Episcopal Church.
• St. Marquette Catholic Cathedral.
• Baptist Church.
• St. Antons Church.
• Synagogue.
• St. Joseph Catholic Church.
• St. Marys Catholic Church.

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