Physical Earth Satellite Image Map Wall Mural w/ Labels & Borders

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This absolutely stunning satellite image map of the world features extensive detail of the planet's surface. Even minute physical features of the Earth are visible on the map. Created by NASA utilizing the latest techniques for turning satellite data into digital images, this is one of the most accurate and up-to-date satellite image maps of the world available. The map features the addition of country borders outlined in red with names of countries and capital cities labeled. Political data is current for 2016. Oceans and major seas are labeled as well.

The map is derived from a composite of satellite imagery with a spatial resolution of 500 meters/pixel. Land imagery was gathered by NASA's MODIS satellite instrumentation (August 2004). Polar sea ice is based on a combination of MODIS data and observations made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's AVHRR sensor (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer).

Enjoy being able to make out tens of thousands of the Earth's natural features with this exquisite map on your wall. Easily point out large physical features like the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountains, or relatively small Ayer's Rock in Australia. This true-color world satellite image is of such high resolution that it can be printed at 24' x 12' using a full 300 dpi print resolution.

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