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An excellent wall map for the classroom, this political map of South Africa features comprehensive content, making it ideal for teaching students in grades 6-12+. This classroom map is available in the following options: laminated print with grommets, printed on repositionable peel and stick fabric, mounted on wooden rails, or mounted on a pull-down spring roller. Spring roller maps are ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

The population of South Africa was reported as 51,770,560 in the 2011 Census.  The country's largest city is Johannesburg, with a population of 4,434,827. There are three capital cities: Pretoria, which serves as the executive capital, Cape Town, the legislative capital, and Bloemfontein, the judicial capital.
South Africa Coordinates:  30.0000° S, 25.0000° E
Total land area:  471,443 sq. miles.

The Academia South Africa Political classroom map colorfully displays regions in contrasting colors making political boundaries easy to identify. Major cities, national capitals, rivers, lakes, main roads, mountain peaks and latitude/longitude lines are indicated on the map. Map is politically up-to-date with the latest international name changes.

Key Features:
  • Laminated with a markable washable surface.
  • Multiple economical mounting options to fit your budget.
  • Great for teaching social studies or geography to grades 6-12+
  • Bold easy to read text labels.