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Exploring Our Solar System Wall Mural

This colorful artistic rendering created by NASA will take you on a journey through our solar system. Planets are depicted with detailed terrain and displayed in linear order based on distance from the sun. The outer space scene depicts a detailed rendering of the sun along with spiral galaxy and stars. Planetary orbiting paths are also illustrated. 
  • Peel & Stick Fabric wall mural is like a thin canvas that features a removable & re-usable adhesive backing that leaves no damage or residue to walls.
  • PVC-free wallpaper mural is pre-pasted and activated with water.
  • Solar system murals allow you to create an interactive educational environment on your wall.
  • Great for adding dimension to the wall or ceiling of an office, bedroom, kids room, or other living area.

This wall mural of the solar system is a great way for children to explore our solar system. The wall covering provides an excellent learning experience and is also perfect for decorating a kids bedroom.
This solar system mural is available in multiple sizes in the following wallcovering materials:

Peel & Stick Fabric Mural
Peel & Stick Fabric
  • Easily peel off backing and stick to wall
  • Self-adhesive fabric wall covering
  • Resistant to wrinkles, bubbling, & tears.
  • Repositionable, reusable adhesive
  • Leaves no damage or residue on the wall
  • Long lasting adhesive, once applied it will stay in place for many years
PVC-Free Wallpaper Mural
PVC-Free Wallpaper
  • Pre-pasted for easier application
  • Indoor display permanence up to 20 years
  • Water, mold, mildew and flame resistant
  • Vivid colors printed with latex inks
  • 94% Opacity, Ultra-smooth matte finish
  • Greenguard indoor air quality certified
This space wall mural can be customized to meet your needs. E-mail or call 1-877-884-2402 to order.
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Murals ship within 3-4 business days. We ship our murals rolled up using high quality heavy duty cardboard tubes, a protective paper is wrapped around each mural.

We ship to all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Shipping is also available to Europe, Australia and many countries worldwide, please contact us for a shipping quote.

All of our space wall mural products are printed to order and cannot be returned once opened.
Our wall murals are installed just like regular wallpaper, in multiple panels.

The PVC-Free Wallpaper murals feature ready to hang pre-pasted panels that are water activated. These are ideal for commercial and residential installations.

The Peel & Stick Fabric is a great option for rental properties or temporary installations where it may be necessary in the future to remove the mural without damaging walls or paint.

Mural Installation Guides:

Peel & Stick Mural Instructions
Wallpaper Mural Instructions

Item# Description Weight Price Order Below
Repositionable Peel & Stick 1-Panel Decal

Simply peel and stick!

Utilizing new printing media technology the space mural is printed on a durable repositionable self-adhesive fabric. Simply peel off the backing and apply the mural to the wall. The single panel space image decal option is simple to install and is intended for one or two people to apply to the wall.
1-Panel Peel and Stick Wall Decal
1W-SS-3-1M Size: 51" x 36" 7 lbs $64.95 add to basket
1W-SS-3-1L Size: 59" x 42" 7 lbs $86.95 add to basket
1W-SS-3-1X Size: 85" x 60" 20 lbs $177.95 add to basket
Repositionable Peel & Stick 3-Panel Mural

Simply peel and stick!

Utilizing new printing media technology the space mural is printed on a durable repositionable self-adhesive fabric. Simply peel off the backing and apply the mural to the wall. This three panel option is easiest to install with two people, but could also be applied to the wall by a motivated do-it-yourselfer. Panel cuts shown below.
3-Panel Peel and Stick Wall Mural
1W-SS-3-3S Size: 107" x 75" 10 lbs $279.95 add to basket
1W-SS-3-3L Size: 125" x 88 12 lbs $382.95 add to basket
3-Panel Standard Wallpaper Mural

Hangs like traditional wallpaper.

Printed on heavyweight PVC-free wallpaper. Each wallpaper panel is pre-pasted for easier application. Ideal for commercial or residential installations. These murals are easy to install using basic wallcovering tools. Panel cuts shown below.
Mural Panel Cuts
3-Panel Wallpaper Mural
1W-SS-3-3S-W Size: 107" x 75" 10 lbs $279.95 add to basket
1W-SS-3-3L-W Size: 125" x 88" 12 lbs $382.95 add to basket

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