Solar System - Planets & Galaxy Wall Mural

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Explore our solar system with this colorful artists rendering from NASA of the planetary system the Earth lies in. Each planet that orbits the sun is depicted in a linear order based on it's distance from the sun. This representation depicts the planets far closer together and with relative sizes larger then they are in reality in order to display them with some detail. Otherwise even the sun or the massive planet of Jupiter would appear as a mere speck. A vibrant array of planets, stars, nebula, comets, and asteroids are featured in this outer space wall mural. Each planet features a text label.

  • Peel & Stick Fabric wall mural is like a thin canvas that features a removable & re-usable adhesive backing that leaves no damage or residue to walls.
  • PVC-free wallpaper mural is pre-pasted and activated with water.
  • Space murals offer a stunning backdrop to your interior design.
  • Great for adding dimension to the wall of an office, bedroom, kids room, or other living area.

A great educational wall mural for displaying in a child's bedroom or in a school. This mural will surely liven up a room and spike an interest in learning.

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