World Ocean & Sea Routes Map - Executive Antique Oceans

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A large colorful map of the world showing the global network of major ocean shipping routes. Maritime sea routes are clearly displayed along with labels indicating origin and destination ports with the distances in nautical miles. The sea route map is ideal for ocean shipping logistics companies, sailors, tourism industry, naval officers, or anyone with an interesest in global logistics. A great map for tracking the primary shipping lanes used by ocean container ships moving billions of tons of commerical goods each year fueling global trade. Countries and U.S. states are colorufully shaded in contrasting colors. A layer of eye-popping shaded relief terrain blends perfectly with the colorful political map.

  • Major shipping lanes that connect global sea ports. Ocean routes and junction points are indicated.
  • Countries and political boundaries are shaded in a soft-hued color scheme with oceans antique-style light beige color.
  • The map is up-to-date with all the latest geographic data & international name changes up to 2022.
  • Attractive, easy-to-read font labels. Thousands of place name labels meticulously and artistically placed on the map.
  • Geographic information including: Country & U.S. state boundaries outlined, all countries labeled including island nations. Major cites, national capitals, U.S. & Canadian capital cities. Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, and deserts. Geologic basins. Major seas, bays, and straits. Major and minor islands.
  • Detailed 3-D rendered shaded relief terrain looks stunning.
  • Decorative map border with latitude and longitude labels. A Miller Projection is used for the map.
  • A highly decorative world wall map that will compliment most interiors,  hang it in your home, library, study, executive office, conference room, or lobby. Great for nautical themed decor. 

Ships rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

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