World Time Zones Wall Map Mural - Removable Wallpaper

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An attractive easy to read time zone map of the world. The giant mural map is available as peel & stick removable wallpaper or traditional PVC-free wallpaper. Time zone boundaries are color-coded in contrasting blocks of neutral gray tones and red outlines. All countries are labeled along with U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Political boundaries are identified using white outlines. All national capital cities are labeled as well as major cities. A useful map of the world for helping you determine the local time in other cities of the world in relation to the time where you are located.

  • Time zones are easily identified.
  • National capital cities and major cities in each time zone.
  • Time zones indicated +/- GMT.
  • Available on an easy to install peel & stick adhesive fabric material or pre-pasted wallpaper.
  • Peel & Stick adhesive-backed fabric can be removed and re-used multiple times without leaving residue or losing adhesion.
  • Great for rental houses & apartments. Resists wrinkles, bubbling, shrinking, and tears. Simply peel, place, & stick!
  • Install it for short term use or leave it up for decades.

A slick modern monochrome design that will look great on the wall of a business office, corporate lobby, or boardroom. Ideal for companies with global interests, frequent travelers, or as an educational tool in the classroom. The map is presented in a Miller Projection and all political data is up-to-date for 2020.

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