Historic Map - Ansonia, CT - 1921

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Aero View of Ansonia, Connecticut 1921. Hughes & Bailey Publishers, Waterbury, Conn.

Bi-planes appear in the sky above Ansonia, Connecticut in this aero-view reproduction map from 1921. A wonderfully detailed view of the city with illustrated insets that include the following buildings:

The Ansonia National Bank.
The Savings Bank of Ansonia.
T. P. Terry & Son Building.
The Ansonia Furniture Co.
Connecticut State Armory.
U. S. Post Office.
City Hall.
Public Library.
High School.
The Capitol Theater and Building.
The Ansonia Garage.
The C. H. Allis Co.
Edward McQuade Building.
The American Brass Company.
Farrel Foundry and Machine Co.
The Ansonia Oil & Coal Co.
The H. C. Cook Co.
The Ansonia Flour and Grain Co.
R. J. Hall Building.
The S. O. & C. Company.

Also featured as an inset is an illustration of a section of North Main Street. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following people & locations:

Mayor, John C. Meac.
City Clerk, A. P. Kirkham.
Auditors, E. Van Riper, J. F. Donovan.
Treasurer, Fred'k M. Drew.
Collector of Taxes, M. J. Cook.
Corporation Counsel, F. M. McCarthy.
City Engineer, V. B. Clarke.
Supt. of Streets, W. R. Clancey.
Supt. of Charities, T. J. Hine.
Judge of City Court, R. L. Munger.
Chief of Police, D. O'Donnell.
Chief Engineer Fire Dept., Thos. Shortell.
President Board of Education, R. L. Munger.
Secretary Board of Education, Wm. Dwyer.
Supt. of Schools, R. T. Tobin.
A. City Hall. B. Post Office. C. Public Library. D. High School. E. State Armory.

Aaronson, M. S., M. D. Physician and Surgeon, Capitol Building.
Alcott, Hubert. Contractor and Builder, 274 Wakelee Ave.
Allis, C. H. Co., The. Foster System Clothing, 106-108 Main St.
American Brass Co., Ansonia Branch. Manufacturers of
Brass, Copper and German Silver. Offices: 171 Main and 55 Liberty Sts.
Ansonia Board of Education. Richard T. Tobin, Supt. of Schools.
Ansonia Chamber of Commerce. Incorporated, F. S. Cummings, Secretary. Member of Chamber of Commerce of U. S. A.
Ansonia Business College. W. H. Platz, Principal, Capitol Building
Ansonia Electrical Co., Louis T. Anschutz, Sec. 63 Main St.
Ansonia Flour & Grain Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Flour, Grain, Feed. 126 Canal St.
Ansonia Furniture Co., Complete Home Furnishers, 196-200 Main St.
Ansonia Garage, "Where Service Counts Most." S. F. Yudkin, Proprietor, 60-68 Central St.
Ansonia Library, Miss Anne Richards, Librarian, Cliff St.
Ansonia National Bank, Charles F. Brooker, President, Frederick M. Drew, Vice-President, 165 Main St.
Ansonia O. & C. Co., Mfrs, Elastic Webbing, Shoe and Corset Laces, Braids, Cords, Tapes, Etc., 153 Main St.
Ansonia Typewriter Exchange, W. H. Platz, Manager, Capitol Building
Ansonia Water Co., Theodore L. Bristol, Pres. and Treas., Frank J. Davis, Sec. 100 Main St.
Arlington Hotel, Chris O'Brien, Proprietor, Bank St.
Barbour, E. P. Groceries, 168 North State St.
Barnes, W. A. Contractor and Builder, 55 Franklin St.
Bartholomew, J. H. Agency. All kinds of Insurance, Loans, Real Estate. 100 Main St., Opera House Block
Bellin, Jacob. Counselor at Law. 244 Main St.
Bennett, Jas. E. Contractor and Builder, 17 Clarkson St.
Bengston, H. G. Contractor and Builder, 303 Wakelee Ave.
Blume's Pharmacy. Robt. L. Blume, Dr. of Pharmacy, 3 Maple St.
Boston Store, Dry Goods. Jobbers, Retailers and Importers, 296-302 Main St.
Bristol Drug Co., Prescription Druggists, T. Powell Donahue, Reg. Pharmacist, Sec. and Mgr., 96 Main St.
Burr, C. B., Electrical Contractor, Opera House Block, 100 Main St.
Buchovleckl, Rev. Vincent E., Pastor Lithuanian Church, 34 Sixth St.
Capitol Theater, Capitol Office Building. I. J. Hoffman, Owner and Proprietor, 404-420 Main St.
Capitol Service Garage. Expert Auto Repairs, Auto Accessories, 403 Main St.
Cardmody, Fred. D., Insurance, Capitol Theater Building
Central Market. Jacob Levy, Proprietor, Corner Main and Bridge Sts. Tel. 670
Cirkoth, Isidor, 129 North State St., Confectionery and Cigars
Cohan, S. Howard, Dr. Dental Surgeon, Main and Bridge Sts.
Cohen, Franklin, W., Attorney and Counselor at Law, 214 Main St.
Cohen, Dr. H. A., Optometrist
Cook, H. C. Co., Sheet and Metal Novelties, Beaver Ave.
Comstock, G. A. Jeweler and Optometrist, 176 Main St.
Cottage Ave. Green Houses, J. W. Willis, Proprietor, 25 Cottage Ave.
Crossman, M. A., Real Estate and Insurance, 261 Main St.
Donovan Co., C. P., Dry Goods, Art Goods, Picture Framing. Capitol Building
Davis Drug Co., Registered Pharmacists, 168 North Main St.
Dwyer, F. S., Dr. Dentist, 130 Main St.
Evening Sentinel, Emerson Publishing Co., Inc., Proprietors, 241 Main St.
Excelsior Garage. Louis Ville, Proprietor, Auto Supplies, 150 Wakelee Ave.
"Fashion", The. S. F. Prigerson, 128 Main St.
Farrel Foundry & Machine Co., Est. 1848. Manufacturers of Chilled Rolls, Rubber and Sugar Machinery, Paper Calendars and Heavy Machinery
Fosdick, H. G. Dealer in Dodge Brothers' Motor Cars. 100-104 Central Ave.
Fountain Water Company. Edwin B. Gager, President, Arther L. Fisk, Sec'y-Treas., Samuel J. Kyle, Supt. 21 Franklin St.
Gaffney, William. Plumber and Gas Fitter, Steam and Hot Water heating Engineer, Tin and Sheet Iron Worker, 9 Church St., West Side
Gardelia, Geo., Fruit and Confectionery, 46 Main St.
Gillis, John. Dealer in Choice Groceries, 89 Franklin St.
Goodman, Henry H. Gen. Insurance and Real Estate, 218 Main St.
Gordy & Co., Es. S. Gen. Insurance. Agent for all Leading Companies, Manager for Connecticut, The Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co., Opera House Block
Hall. R. J. Contractor and Builder, 7 Lester St.
Henry, J. F. Tools and Machinery, Holbrook Court
Hine, Thomas J. Cigar Manufacturer, 39 Platt St.
Hotchkiss, Lockwood. Hardware, Paints and Oils, 152 Main St.
Isbell, Milton C. Attorney at Law, Genealogist, 100 Main St.
Jacobson, J. E. Electrical Contractor. Fans, Motors and Fixtures. House and Bell Wiring a Specialty. 220 Westfield Ave.
Jenkins, Wm. H. Undertaker and Funeral Director, 8 Maple St.
Kennedy, John F. Cigars and Confectionery. 101 Main St.
Keegan, Thomas J. Dentist, Captiol Building
Lattanzio, James. Photographer, Photo Supplies, Picture Framing, 43 Bridge St.
Lear Bros. Druggists, 68 Main St.
Leggo, Thos. G., Dr. Surgeon Dentist, 3 Maple St.
Lundgren, A. P. Choice Groceries, Cor. Wakelee Ave. and Scotland St.
Malumphy, M. D. New and old barrels, boxes, packing cases, Cooperage Stock. 167 Wakelee Ave.
Manfredl, Rev. P. L. Pastor Holy Rosary Church, 422 Main St.
Manufacturers' Club. Terry Building, 76 Main St.
Mead, J. C. Cooperage, 71 Elm St.
McCabe, Thomas F. Painter and Decorator, 18 Murray St.
McCarthy, Frederick M. Attorney at Law, 212 Main St.
McQuade, Edward, Ph. C. "The Prescription Man", 36 Main St.
Naugatuck Valley Morris Plan Bank. 89 Main St.
New York Plumbing Supply Co. Chas. Miller, Proprietor,
Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting. 400 Main St.
Nixon & Carroll. Men's and Boy's Outfitters, Clothing, Furnishings, 174 Main St.
Palace of Sweets, Venetes Bros., Fine Confectionery, 242 Main St.
P. B. Tire Repair Shop. C. F. Palmer, Retreading and
Vulcanizing, Auto Accessories, 174 No. Main, Cor. Fourth St.
Preece Undertaking Co.
Puritan Restaurant. 104 Main St.
Rencsko, A. Groceries and Meats, 189 No. Main St.
Savings Bank of Ansonia, William A. Nelson, President,
Frederick T. Rolfe, Treasurer, 117 Main St.
Scholz, August & Co. Painter and Decorator, 23 Lester St.
Scully Bros. Meats, Fish and Vegetables, 251 No. State St.
Smith, S. W. & Co. Apothecaries, 182 Main St.
Steeves, J. F. Grocer, 62 Cottage Ave.
S. O. & C. Co. Manufacturers of Eyelets and Eyelet Machinery, Canal St.
Synnott, Rev. Joseph. Pastor Assumption Church, 25 No. Cliff St.
Terry & Son, T. P., Frank T. Terry, Proprietor, Hardware, Paints, Oils, Builders' and Factory Supplies, 76-88 Main St.
Tomlinson, Charles H. Jeweler and Optometrist, 158 Main St.
Worthington, William. Groceries and Provisions, 22 Clover St.
Woodford Tire & Supply Co. Truck and Pneumatic Tire Service Station, 338 Main St.
Welch & Son, D. M. Staple and Fancy Groceries, 185 Main St.
Wentworth, Thos. U. Groceries and Provisions, 46 State St.
Wilhelmy, William. Fancy and Pastry Baker, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Flour, 289 Wakelee Ave., Cor. Hull St.
Vovino, Frank. Deputy Sheriff. Real Estate and Insurance, 212 Main St.

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