Historic Map - Birmingham, AL - 1885

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Birmingham, Alabama. H. Wellge, del. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Panoramic reproduction map of Birmingham, Alabama drawn by Henry Wellge and published by Norris, Wellge & Co. in 1885. Birmingham, the county seat for Jefferson County, emerged from the assembling of three existing towns after the Civil War. It was named after Birmingham, England and soon became an industrial and rail transportation hub. The area was rich with coal and other ore. Birmingham was called "The Pittsburgh of the South" after several iron and steel manufacturers set up production here. The railroad industry manufactured railroad cars and rail in Birmingham.

The map from 1885 features top and bottom inset illustrations of:

Iron City Foundry Machine Works
Birmingham Rolling Mill
Birmingham Fire Brick Works
Wallis Bros., Manufacturers and Importers of Fine Cigars
Geo. C. Kelley Block
Jefferson County Savings Bank
Mary Pratt Furnace
East End of the City
Sloss Furnace Co. Plant
Lakeview Park and Highland Avenue
Elyton Land Co. Office
Jefferson Foundry & Machine Shop
Central Bank
Wilson & Ingram, Real Estate & Insurance
Birmingham Iron Works
Explanation Map including Railroads. Projected Railroads. Coal Fields. Iron Ore.

Map has clearly labeled street names and shows railroad traffic.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Methodist Churches
  2. Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  3. Catholic Churches and Convent
  4. First Presbyterian Church
  5. Episcopal Church
  6. First Baptist Church
  7. First Baptist Mission Chapel
  8. Colored Baptist Chapel
  9. Colored Churches
  1. County Court House
  2. Exposition Building
  3. City Hall and Market House
  4. Public Schools
  5. Central Bank
  6. Alabama State Bank
  7. Jefferson County Savings Bank
  8. First National Bank
  9. Opera House
  10. Proposed Hotel and Union Depot
  11. Richards House
  12. Hewitt House, A. Eubank, Owner
  13. Florence House
  14. Sloss Furnace and Coke Ovens
  15. Mary Pratt Furnace
  16. Birmingham Fire Brick Works
  17. Georgia Pacific Round House and Shops
  18. Birmingham Iron Works, Wm Hardie, General Manager
  19. Birmingham Rolling Mill
  20. Alice Furnace and Coke Ovens
  21. Jefferson Foundry and Machine Shops
  22. Iron City Foundry Machine Works, Aiken and Lighton
  23. Linn Iron Works
  24. Furniture Sash Door and Blind Manufacturer
  25. Mineral City Mills, Braun, Schaefer and Behrens
  26. L. & N. R. R. Shops
  27. Cotton Factory
  28. Ice Factory
  29. Brick Works
  30. Planing Mills
  31. John W. Snow Wagon and Carriage Factory
  32. Skating Rink
  33. Soda and Mineral Water Manufacturing
  34. Gas Works

Moore and Handley Hardware
James A. Going, Real Estate and Insurance
George C. Kelley, Hardware, Miners, Furnace and Mill Supplies
Wilson and Ingram, Real Estate and Insurance
Nabers and Morrow, Druggists
H. T. Heard, Physician and Surgeon
Garrett, Phelan and Underwood, Attorneys at Law
John D. Strange, Attorney at Law
Edward Smyer, Attorney at Law
Smith and Lowe, Attorneys at Law
Mountjoy and Tomlinson, Attorneys at Law
John Tower, Real Estate
Dr. Smith and Sons, General Merchandise
B. Coleman and Bro. Cigar Manufacturers
H. C. Abbott, Watchmaker and Jeweler
J. P. Mudd, China Crockery and Glassware
Wallis and Bro., Cigar Dealers
J. B. Earle, General Merchandise
Snow and Rainbow Saloon
T. S. Smith, General Merchandise
Soloman and Levi, Saloon and Restaurant
Bains and Herring, Druggists
L. H. Schmid, Jeweler
I. R. Hochstadter, Wholesale Liquors
W. S. Brown, General Merchandise
Knauff and Co., Pumps, Furnace, Mill and Mining Supplies
W. T. Johnson, Attorney at Law
Forst and Co., Wholesale and Retail Tobacco
A. J. Monfee, Saloon
B. G. Abernathy, Physician and Surgeon
S. W. Emmons, Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables
Slaton, McGlathery and Burwell, Wagons and Buggies
George Raps and Co., Liquor Merchants
T. C. Thompson and Co., Builders' Supplies
E. C. Mackey, Staple and Fancy Groceries
L. A. Townley, Fruits and Confectionery
J. M. Dupuy, Groceries and Provisions
D. Rowlett, Bakery and Restaurant
E. Wall, Wholesale Fruits and Confectionery
George H. Rogers, Stationery
Peter Zinszer, Furniture
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