Historic Map - Brookfield, MO - 1869

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Bird's eye view of Brookfield, Linn Co., Missouri 1869. Drawn by A. Ruger.

Reproduction map of the community known as Brookfield, MO, drawn by Albert Ruger. Brookfield, located along Elk Creek in Linn County, had been a swampy area rich in wildlife called "The Scatters" before farming blossomed in the 1830's. The town was platted in 1859 by John Wood Brooks, a civil engineer from Boston, who had been employed by the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad to survey the area for a proposed shipping point. The town was named in his honor. The railroad continued to increase commerce in Brookfield and it became its division headquarters complete with roundhouse. The railroad built a hotel and dining room there. In 1860 the Immaculate Conception Church was dedicated, and in 1865 the first public school was built.

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, carriage and pedestrian traffic.