Historic Map - Charleston, SC - 1788

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Ichnography of Charleston, South-Carolina : at the request of Adam Tunno, Esq., for the use of the Phoenix Fire-Company of London, taken from actual survey, 2d August 1788 / by Edmund Petrie.

The city of Charleston was founded in 1670, though at the time it was named Charles Towne. In 1783 - after the American Revolution - the town changed it's name to the current form. Rich in history, the city was one of the largest of colonial America, and played a major role in the American Civil War. The state was the first to secede following the election of Abraham Lincoln, and the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Union ships entering Charleston's harbor. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. East Bay from Sommers's
  2. D- cont'd from Ellery St
  3. So Be It Lane
  4. South Bay
  5. Stolls Alley at Bay 5
  6. Longitude Lane at Bay 10
  7. Tradd St. at Bay 30
  8. Bedons Alley
  9. Inglis's Arch at Bedons Alley
10. Elliot St at Church
11. Gadsdens Alley
12. Broad St at Bay 61⅔
13. Union St.
14. D.____continued
15. Chalmers Alley
16. Unity Alley
17. Queen St. at Bay 37⅓
18. Kinlochs Court
19. Lodge Alley
20. Wragg's Alley 19ft at Bay
21. Church St. at Queen
22. D. continued
23. Name unknown
24. Lynch Lane
25. Water St
26. Rope Lane
27. St. Michaels Alley
28. Market Square at Meeting St
29. Beresford Alley at Meeting St
30. Cumberland St
31. Ellery Str
32. Maiden Lane
33. French Alley
34. Charles St
35. Name unknown
36. Guignard St
37. Name unknown
38. Pinckney St
39. Quince St
40. Anson St
41. Scarborough St
42. Name unknown at Pickney
43. Hassell St
44. Trott St
45. Centurion St
46. Society St
47. George St from Scarborough
48. Meeting St at S Bay
49. Squirell St
50. Smiths Lane
51. Whin Court
52. Price's Alley at King St
53. State House Square at Broad St
54. Moore St at King St
55. Federal St
56. Name unknown
57. Boundary St
58. King St
59. Lamboll St at King
60. Legare St
61. Gibbes St
62. Friend St
63. Orange St
64. Maxyck St at Broad St
65. Short St
66. Allen St at Broad St
67. Archdale St
68. Magazine St
69. West St
70. Bottle Alley at Archdale
71. Dutch Church Alley
72. Beresford's St
73. Beaufain St at Maxyck St
74. Cummins St
75. Saint Philips St
76. Wentworth St by King St
77. Liberty St


78. Gibbs Wharf
79. Blakes
80. McKenzies
81. Ropers
82. Eveleigh's
83. Vanderhorsts
84. Greenes
85. Market Dock
86. Mottes Wharf
87. Greenwoods
88. Beals
89. Champneys Wharf
90. Jervey's
91. Cochran's
92. Prioleau's
93. Gillion's
84. Vanderhorst
95. Shrewsburys
96. Munro's
97. Mey's
98. Lauren's
99. Gadsdens


 A. New Baptist Church
 B. Old D
 C. Presbyterian D
 D. Guard House
 E. Treasury, & Auditor Office
 F. St. Michaels Episcopal Church
 G. Formerly State House now Court House
 H. Beef Market
  I.  Low Market
 K. Exchange
 L. Fish Market
 M. French Church
 N. St. Philips Episcopal Church
 O. Old Independent
 P. Methodist
 Q. Quaker
 R. New Independent
 S. German
 T. Jews Synagogue
 V. Distillerys
 U. Cravens Bastion
W. Romish Church
 X. Brew House

:There are private Wells in general
throughout the City

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