Historic Map - Denison, TX - 1886

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Denison, Texas, Grayson County 1886. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Reproduction map of the community known as Denison, TX, published in 1886. Named for businessman George Denison, the town of Denison was founded in 1872, just fourteen years before this map was published. Ideally situated at the intersection of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad and the Red River, the town was an important commercial center in the "Old West". The famous "Doc" Holliday had offices in Denison in 1875.

Local horticulturalist, T. V. Munson earned induction into the French Legion of Honor when he pioneered methods in creating grape vines resistant to the phylloxera disease, which destroyed the vast majority of wine grapes in Europe in the mid-1800s. Denison was also granted sister city status, becoming a sister city with Cognac, France.

A most notable Denison citizen was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was born in Denison, just four years after this map was published.

Map features inset illustrations of the Denison Improvement Company's Addition as well as a detailed illustration of Main Street.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

 A. Baptist Church
 B. Catholic Church
 C. Episcopal Church
 D. Methodist Church, North
 E. Methodist Church, South
 F. Presbyterian Church
 G. Colored Churches
 H. High School
  I.  Fourth Ward School
  J. St. Francis Zaviers Academy
 K. Denison Academy
 L. Post Office
 M. Union Depot
 N. Opera House
 O. Vorwaerts Hall
 P. Reservation for U. S. Court
 Q. Denison Water Supply Co.'s Works
 R. Sunday Gazetteer
 S. Evening Journal
 T. Daily Herald and News
 T. Labor Siftings
 U. State National Bank
 V. McDougall Hotel McDougall & Co.
W. Colonade Hotel, J. E. Streeper
 X. Cotton Mill
 Y. Ice Factory
 Z. Street R. R. Stables 
  1. Denison Cotton Company's Gin
  2. Cotton Compress
  3. Lone Star: Flouring Mills, W. B. Bogs
  4. Mo Kansas & Texas R. R. Shops
  5. Denison Gas & Coal Co., D. J. Coffey, Secretary & Manager
  6. Tignor & Mosse, Manufacturers of Wagons, Carriages & Agricultural Implements
  7. Gate City Marble WEorks, Harvey & Fox
  8. Denison Nurseries, T. V. Munson
  9. Hanna, Platter & Waples Wholesale Grocers
10. Leeper Lingo & Co., Wholesale Hardware
11. E. T. Hathaway, Wholesale Oils
12. G. Braun, Wholesale Baltimore Oysters
13. G. L. Giersa, Wholesale & Retail Groceries & Provisions
14. O'Dair & McConnel, Wholesale & Retail Groceries & Provisions
15. J. C. Brunett Wholesale & Retail Groceries & Provisions
16. A. R. Collins & Co., Real Estate
17. A. H. Coffin, Real Estate & Insurance
18. W. F. Stromberger, Real Estate
19. Zintgraff & French, Insurance
16. C. E. Perry, General Agent, Equitable Life Insurance
18. H. Tone, Abstract of Titles
20. Gilbert & Russel, Attorneys
18. Phil M. Smith, Assessor & Collector
21. Dr. J. C. Feilds Office
22. Robinson, "The Hardware Man"
23. T. B. Hanna, M. D., Druggist
24. Guiteau & Waldron, Drugs, Paints, Oils and Wall paper
25. L. Price, Druggist
26. Bailey & Howard, Drugs, Fancy Goods, Paints and Oils
27. J. Weisman & Co., Dry Goods and Clothing
28. M. H. Sherburne, Boots and Shoes
29. J. A. Euper, Confectionery and Toys
30. W. A. Hallenbeck, Bakery and Confectionery
31. Geo. McLagan, Bakery and Confectionery
32. J. M. Hill, Merchan Tailor and Sewing Machine Dealer
33. Werneburg & Son, Merchant Tailors
34. Harben's 5 and 10 Cent Store
35. Harriman & Brown, Undertakers
36. Miller & Miller, Grocers and Jobbers of "Miller & Son's Meal"
37. Boatright & Baker, Groceries, Flour and Feed
38. W. W. Fletcher, Groceries and Supplies
39. J. B. McDougall, Bank Exchange
40. John D. Ourand, Congress Hall
41. J. T. Meadows, White Elephant
42. P. O'Donnell, Parnell Saloon
43. B. N. Carter, Agent, "Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association" W. Coil & Hall, Colonnade Bar
44. Justin Cochener, Mo-Pacific Saloon
45. J. C. Brunett, "First and Last Chance"
46. J. H. Nolan, White Elephant Livery and Feed Stable
47. J. J. Hiser, "Live Stock Dealer"
48. King's Dye House, F. J. King
49. Wm. Waltz, Contractor, Builder and Carpenter
50. E. H. Glanding, Public Cotton Weigher
51. Muller's Block, F. Muller
28. O'Donnell & Reddick, Building
52. Nolan's Block
53. Alex W. Acheson, M. D., Residence
54. Alex Rennie, Residence
55. G. Braun, Residence
56. C. T. Daugherty, Residence
57. J. H. Nolan, Residence
58. Chas. Knowlton, Residence
59. J. W. Rowley, Residence
60. F. H. Fox, Residence
61. R. M. Brooks, Residence
62. T. E. Reardon, Residence
63. C. A. Clark, Residence
64. W. B. Boss, Residence
65. Stock Yards

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