Historic Map - Greenville, TX - 1886

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Greenville, Tex., county seat of Hunt County 1886. H. Wellge, sk. Beck & Pauli, litho.

Panoramic map of Greenville, TX, published in 1886. Settlement began in the region in the 1820's as people discovered the fertile land in the Red River Valley. Hunt County was officially formed by an act of the first Texas State legislature on April 11, 1846. A log courthouse was erected in the new county seat, which was named Greenville in honor of Thomas Jefferson Green, a beloved patriot of the Republic of Texas.

This map captures the town as it appeared just six years after the arrival of the railroad, transforming Greenville into the railroad hub of Northeast Texas. Railroad transportation made it possible to deliver the high-quality cotton grown in the region to the finest mills in Europe.

Notable buildings and offices referenced on the map include:

Court House.
County Jail.
Depot M. P. R. W.
North Ward School.
South Ward School.
Methodist Church.
Presbyterian Church.
Baptist Church.
Christian Church.
Masonic Hall.
Odd Fellows Hall.
J. S. Sherrill, County Judge, office at Court House.
M. L. Hale, County Sheriff, office at Court House.
T. E. Byrd, County Clerk, office at Court House.
C. W. Collier, Tax Collector, office at Court House.
F. V. Ende, City Assessor and Collector, J. M. Cook's Block.
Terhune & Yoakum, Attorneys at Law, office at J. M. Cook's Block.
J. G. Matthews, Attorney at Law, office at N. W. Corner, Court House Square.
E. P. Alexander, Insurance office over Bank.
F. W. Knight, Photographer, Opera House Block.
S. J. Duff, Surgeon, Dentist, Opera House Block.
Singer Sewing Machine Co., R. A. Hill, Manager, in Masonic Building. 

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. The New Beckham House, W. L. Beckham, Proprietor.
  2. Madison House, L. S. Kingsley, Proprietor.
  3. Montgomery House, J. E. McShan, Proprietor, W. A. Jenkins, Owner.
  4. Commercial Hotel, W. H. Collins, Proprietor.
  5. Coffee's Hotel, F. V. Ende, Owner.
  6. Cameron's Opera House, A. Cameron, Proprietor.
  7. J. M Cook's Block, Murphy & Co., Dry Goods and Clothing.
  8. Post Office, Dr. J. Schoonover, P. M.
  9. Dr. Garnett & Bro., Drugs, Medicines, Books and Stationary.
10. J. F. Sockwell & Co., Drugs, Medicines, Books & Stationary (Lee Street location).
12. W. H. Bush, Drugs, Medicines, Books and Stationary (Lee Street location).
13. A. W. Wehrhan, Jewelry.
13. S. T. Schreiber, N. Y. Jewelry Store.
15. Pearce & Evans, Dry Goods and Clothing.
16. T. A. Ball, Dry Goods and Clothing.
17. J. F. Sockwell, Dry Goods and Clothing.
18. Jenkins & Germany, Dry Goods & Clothing. Opera House Block.
19. R. K. Lane, Dry Goods and Clothing.
20. Pattie & Samuell, Groceries and Grain.
21. J. E. Edmunds, Groceries and Grain.
22. R. A. McMurtray, Groceries and Grain.
23. M. Rosenthral, Groceries and Grain.
24. Schoff, Reeves & Schwartz, Groceries, Tobacco Cigars & Liquors.
25. James Armistead, Hardware and Agricultural Implements.
26. Gee & Wilson, Hardware and Agricultural Implements.
27. Beauchamp & Scoonover, Agricultural Implements and Farm Machinery, Post Office Building.
28. Jra. O. Wyse, Hardware and Farm Machinery.
29. R. C. Phansteel's Manufactory, Planing Mill and Lumber Yards.
30. Missouri Pacific Car Shops: F. A. Faker, M. M., Geo. J. Ferguson, Foreman. Henry Wagner, Black Smith.
31. Greenville Marble Works, Ennis & Duff, Proprietors.
32. A. B. Turner's Cotton, Gin & Flour Mills.
33. J. G. Matthews & Bro., Livery and Sale Stables.
34. A. Weyrich, Bakery.
35. J. D. Lasater, Furniture.
36. Flour Mills.
Greenville Banner, J. F. Mitchell, Publisher.
Greenville Herald, E. W. Harris, Publisher.
Greenville Appeal, F. H. Gaines, Publisher (over J. F. Sockwell).
Express Office, J. P. Regan, Agent.

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